Do you have a heart for the ocean? And a love of history? In March, St. Patrick takes center stage, but that isn’t the only Irish story to embrace. The Titanic was built in Belfast, and the popularity of the Titanic Museum there shows how much the world does embrace the tragic tale of the unsinkable boat that sank. The 1997 film earned 11 Oscars and more than $2 billion, which again shows that the story fascinates people with the romance of the era and the profound heartbreak of so many hopeful lives tragically cut short.

The Titanic was crowded with stars. Three of them shone especially bright in the film – Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and a fictional necklace called the Heart of the Ocean. The whole structure of the movie is hung on this dazzling pendant. In the film, a treasure hunter goes in search of it in the wreckage of the ship and meets the woman who owns it, who tells of the love triangle that unfolded on her journey aboard the Titanic in April 1912.

Heart of the Ocean Necklace Swarovski® Crystals

Winslet’s character was engaged, and the Heart of the Ocean necklace was a gift to her from her wealthy fiancé. But aboard the Titanic, she met someone else, someone her wealthy family and friends would deem beneath her, DiCaprio’s character, who had won third class tickets in a game. In real life, an incredible treasure of lavish jewelry did sink with the Titanic. Some of it has been recovered, including a gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. Remember, sailing first class on the Titanic was an incredible luxury more than 100 years ago, and passengers planned to enjoy themselves socializing on board. Out in the middle of the ocean, they still dressed to impress.

Inspired by History and Hollywood

In the film, the Heart of the Ocean necklace is inspired by the Hope diamond. The necklace created for the movie has, in turn, inspired the jewellers at the Ocean Collection to create a stunning new set featuring Swarovski crystals. The necklace and matching earrings each feature a big, brilliant blue heart-shaped crystal surrounded by a halo of smaller clear crystals. The necklace is a pendant hung on a slim silver chain, while the earrings are drop style with simple wire hooks. This set is sure to catch eyes and drop jaws.

Heart of the Ocean Earrings Swarovski® Crystals

Do you love the vintage looks from the era of luxurious ocean liners? Is sailing across the deep blue sea your ultimate idea of romance? Then this is a perfect set for you. Whether you’re landlocked and only dreaming of the ocean or looking for something to wear to a party at the sailing club, our Heart of the Ocean is perfect.

The Heart of the Ocean set is also a fantastic gift for the woman you love. If you want to wow her for her birthday or your anniversary, this set will do it. Every detail from the deep blue of the crystal to its heart shape to the sparkle of the halo of clear crystals around it makes a clearly romantic statement.

Nautical jewelry would be the ideal gift for any turtle admirer!

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