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Your Favorite Jewelry of 2019

Your Favorite Jewelry of 2019

It’s the time of year when movie critics are talking about the best films of the year and radio stations are counting down the most popular tunes. So here at Ocean Jewelry, we thought it would be fun to show you our own best hits of 2019 and show you which of our pieces were the most popular for your to cherish your connection to the ocean.

7. This pretty mermaid perched on a pearl proved to be our seventh most popular item of the year. Humans have been succumbing to the allure of mermaids for centuries, and the mermaids haven’t lost any of their appeal.

6. Our green mother turtle with her silver baby atop her shell is an earthy, natural look with enough sparkle for the evening too. This necklace worked its way into sixth place on our bestsellers list for 2019.

5. Waves are the ocean at its most primal. We listen to waves to fall asleep, and we swim and surf in them for fun. Just watching waves roll in is relaxing. We’re pleased our wave necklace rolled into fifth place.

4. Our sparkling blue whale tale necklace made a huge splash. This fun and versatile pendant was our fourth best seller. We had a great time designing it, and we’re thrilled so many share our love of these magnificent creatures.

Ready for the Top Three?

3. The mermaid’s siren call lured many of you, so many that this legendary lady swam her way into the number three spot. That’s two mermaid pendants in the top seven list. We hear you, and we’ll keep the mermaids coming.

2. This beautiful turquoise blue turtle duo made the number two spot. These simple and charming stud earrings show the turtle’s natural grace. We have a soft spot for these hard shells, and it looks like you do too.

And drumroll… our very best seller for the year is the turquoise mother and baby turtle pendant. Mama turtle swimming along with her sweet baby on her back is hard to resist. We poured much love into this one, and we are delighted that so many of you enjoy it.

It’s thrilling for all of us at Ocean Jewelry to see so many people around the world wearing our creations and embracing their connection to the ocean. Best of all, your purchases have helped save thousands of baby turtle hatchlings through our support of SEE Turtles. Every purchase helps save five turtle hatchlings, and with three turtle items in the top seven best sellers, it is clear you love turtles as much as we do!

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