Ocean Jewelry Warranty Coverage Information

Warranty & Replacements

Warranty policy

Our products come with a 90-day (3 months) warranty. This warranty covers any defects in the material or workmanship that could have been caused by the manufacturer.

To request a warranty claim, please send an email to info@oceanjewelrystore.com within 90 days of receiving the item. Include a photo of the item and proof of purchase for inspection.

If we determine your item has a manufacturing defect, we will provide a complimentary replacement. If the exact piece is not available, you may choose another item of equal or greater value and pay the difference. Alternatively, we can also offer store credit, or in some cases, a full refund.

Please note: refunds are not available for jewelry purchased through our retail partners.

Jewelry that is damaged and not covered under warranty may be replaced for a reasonable rate. See Replacement Policy.

Warranty Exceptions & Exclusions
  • Neglect, abuse, or natural wear and tear that cause damage to the jewelry are not covered by the warranty. This includes situations where the item is hit or knocked, leading to thinning or wearing out of prongs. If a ring becomes misshapen and stones fall out due to damage caused by wearing it, the warranty is void.
  • If another jeweler has repaired the jewelry, we cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise afterward.
  • Damage to the center diamond stones and other gemstones, such as breaking or chipping, is not covered.
  • Gold Vermeil as well as Mother of Pearl, Pearls and Abalone jewelry, should not come into contact with water or chemicals. Discoloration resulting from not following our care guide, such as wearing rings while washing hands or using hand sanitizers, will not be covered.
  • Craftsmanship variations and natural characteristics, including internal inclusions, are unique to each item and should not be considered defects. Please note, crystals have natural variations in color and appearance. The differences are not considered faulty or damaged under the guarantee. Also, crystals may look slightly different in color to the examples shown on the website due to differences in display devices. Again, this is not considered faulty or damaged under the guarantee.
  • Additionally, crystals should never be in contact with water as it may damage the integrity of the setting that holds the crystals in place. To ensure the longevity of your crystal pieces, avoid direct contact with water and other fluids, such as acidic liquids, sonic cleaners, and commercial cleaners containing ammonia or alcohol, as well as cleaners containing these hazardous substances. Remember, this is a delicate piece of jewelry and to ensure its durability you need to look after it with care and attention.

Replacement Policy

Should your jewelry sustain any damage not covered under our warranty policy, we offer a convenient solution for replacement at a fixed fee.
  • If the retail value of the damaged item at the time of purchase is less than $150.00, it can be replaced for $60.00 plus tax, if applicable to your country.
  • If the retail value of the damaged item is between $151.00 and €300, it can be replaced for $100.00 plus tax if applicable to your country.
  • For items above $301 the fee will be determined by Ocean Jewelry, plus tax if applicable to your country.
Please note: The fees charged by Ocean Jewelry already include the cost of shipping, unless your shipping country is not listed as eligible for free shipping in our Shipping & Delivery policy. In such cases, an additional shipping fee will be added to the replacement cost. Flor clear understanding, please see table below.
Retail ValueFlat Fee Applied
>300Determined by Ocean Jewelry
Send an email to our customer service to assist with processing your replacement. Please remember to include include a photo of the item and proof of purchase for inspection.

Additional Care Instructions

Please handle your jewelry with care. Our pieces are exquisitely delicate, requiring careful handling to avoid any damage from sustained pressure, strain, or unforeseen accidents. Rings and bracelets, in particular, are subjected to daily stress. Avoid exposing your jewelry to water, chemicals, or extreme conditions like swimming pools or hot tubs. These actions can lead to discoloration, stone cracks, or damage to prongs and precious metals.

We do not cover theft, loss of the product, or loss of gemstones, diamonds, pearls, or other embellishments.

Returning a defective item back to us

Returning instructions
1- Inform Ocean Jewelry Store: To initiate the replacement process, kindly reach out to us via email at info@oceanjewelrystore.com. Please include a clear photo of the damaged item, along with proof of purchase, for inspection purposes. Kindly await our reply before proceeding with shipping the package. This proactive approach will not only expedite the process, but also allow us to assist you effectively in the unlikely event that an immediate replacement is not available.
2 – Package Your Return: Include all original packaging and collateral material. Please ensure that you package your item securely and safely to avoid damage in transit.

3 – Return Details

United States and Canada: All returns must be sent by United States Postal Service or Canada Post, only. We cannot receive packages that are sent by any other courier, including Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT.

Be sure to ship your item fully insured, and request a return receipt for confirmation that your shipment has reached its destination.

Postal Address for USA & Canada:
Ocean Jewelry Store
PO Box 726
NJ 07930

All other countries:

All returns must be sent by your national postal service, only. We cannot receive packages that are sent by any other courier, including Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT.

Postal Address for Europe & Rest of the World:
Flaircraft Limited (Trading as: Ocean Jewelry Store)
Unit 2057, Block B
Castle Drive
Citywest Business Campus
Naas Rd
D24 Y425

Upon inspecting the item, we will determine if it meets the warranty criteria. If approved, we will repair or replace the item at no extra cost within 20 business days. If the problem is a manufacturing defect, we will fix it or send you a replacement, covering the shipping costs to send the new item back to you.

As a gesture of appreciation for your understanding, we are pleased to offer you a $30 gift card. This gift card can be used to offset the shipping expenses incurred when returning the item to us. Additionally, it can be applied towards any future purchases on our website, allowing you to enjoy our exquisite jewelry collection even more.

However, if the issue is not due to a manufacturing defect, we will inform you of the inspection details, and a replacement & shipping fee may apply (replacement policy outlined above). Please note that in the unlikely event of the same issue occurring again after we have repaired or replaced the item, we cannot provide another replacement or repair free of charge. In such cases, you may receive a store credit for product defects or need to pay a subsidized replacement and shipping fee if the issue was not caused by a manufacturing defect.

Please Note
Refunds are not available for jewelry purchased through our retail partners.
The 90 days warranty policy applies for defective items only and has no relation with our 30 days return policy.

Proof of purchase

  • Please keep your invoice or receipt as proof of purchase.
  • For products purchased with our retail partners, the till receipt serves as the proof of purchase and will be requested for any warranty claim.
  • For all online purchases via Ocean Jewelry, the invoice or delivery receipt must be presented, in order to make any claims regarding the warranty or similar.
Other FAQ’s
Can a website warranty be processed by your retailers?
All online returns must be made directly with Ocean Jewelry online store
What is your repair policy?

Due to various reasons (including, without limitation, different retail business, different taxes, different price structure, local legal requirements, logistic reasons), Ocean Jewelry does not have a repair policy for items excluded from our warranty policy. As a result, we are unable to repair any products in our office. Therefore, we recommend that you take your item to your nearest local jewelry store for repair.

However, if you need additional advice on how to get your jewelry repaired, please send us an email at Ocean Jewelry, and we will be happy to provide you with relevant information if available.

What is a manufacture defect?
Manufacturing defects encompass structural issues found in jewelry items, such as the separation of a band from the ring head or the presence of pits and porosity inside the piece that compromise its durability under regular use. For clients not well-versed in the jewelry industry, understanding manufacturing defects can be challenging since most of them stem from the casting process. However, these defects become evident during wear and are easily identified by a professional jeweler.
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Warranty Note:

*Refunds are not available for jewelry purchased through our retail partners.
*Refunds are not available for jewelry purchased through our retail partners.
*The 90 days warranty policy applies for defective items only and has no relation with our 30 days return policy