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10 Unique Beachgoers Gifts for Her

10 Unique Beachgoers Gifts for Her

Beaches are ideal for rejuvenation, leisure, swimming, sunbathing, lounging, and soaking in the calming ocean waves. Many of us are in love with these activities, but picking a unique gift for beachgoers can put us all in a fix.

We’ve already made a guide for you to pick a gift for beach lovers. However, this one is for the beach-themed gifts full of meaning and sparkle — beach jewelry collection.

Unique Beachgoers Gifts — The Jewelry Edition

If you can’t decide what to give to those friends who love the beach and are die-hard ocean lovers, then look no further. The Ocean Jewelry Store has a plethora of ocean-inspired jewelry made from precious metals that make unique gifts for beachgoers.

The best ocean-themed jewelry designs include Mermaid Jewelry, Whale Jewelry, Dolphin Jewelry, Sea turtle Jewelry, and other such great gift ideas that would blow the minds of your ocean-lover buddies. Here are some of our favorite picks from our Ocean Jewelry Store.

1. 14K Gold Vermeil Mother and Baby Pearl Dolphin Necklace with CZ’s

14K Gold Vermeil Mother and Baby Pearl Dolphin Necklace with CZ's

The 14K Gold Vermeil Mother and Baby Pearl Dolphin Necklace with CZ’s is a delicate and classy piece of jewelry. This dolphin pendant features a high-quality 925 sterling silver base with a thick layer of 14K Gold.  The necklace features a Mother and Baby Dolphin delicately encrusted with stunning white Cubic Zirconias.

This necklace offers the same traits to the wearer as the dolphin, an everlasting emblem of friendliness and fun. You can also wear dolphin jewelry to work or any informal occasion because it is lightweight and small.

2. Mermaid Necklace Encrusted with Aquamarine Crystals

Mermaid Necklace Encrusted with Aquamarine Crystals - Beachgoers gifts

This bestseller includes a whimsical mermaid with flowing tresses as its central element attached to a slim silver chain by two rings. The mermaid pendant is crafted in sterling silver and decorated with clear and sparkling crystals.

Turquoise blue crystals adorn the gown and the mermaid tail. The hair, face, and arms are all fine silver which adds a pleasing contrast to the pendant. The mermaid represents feminine grace, the pearl represents purity and healing, and the aqua gems represent the sea’s mystique. They come together to produce the perfect display for an elegant lady in the form of this charming necklace.

3. Aqua Turtle Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Aqua Turtle Bracelet in Sterling Silver

The Sterling Silver Aqua Turtle Bracelet has Aqua crystals and is a must-have for any Ocean lover. The contrast between transparent and blue glitter is just gorgeous. The majesty of the waters is visible courtesy of the aqua gemstones.

The bracelet also features a chain with a lobster clasp and extendable rings. Additionally, it has four sea turtles and four solitaire crystal elements. For someone who loves turtles, this piece of jewelry would greatly complement their beach look.

4. Sterling Silver Abalone Whale Tail Necklace

Sterling Silver Abalone Whale Tail Necklace

The Sterling Silver Abalone Whale Necklace is a stunning piece that will make any Whale lover’s eyes glitter. A smooth coating of Abalone Shell is elegantly put in 925′ Sterling Silver.

The Abalone Shell is like a whale tail, giving the design the same glistening look like water and light bouncing off the blubber of a whale. A plain silver bail allows the pendant to move like a dancing whale tail.

The pendant also comes with an 18-inch sterling silver chain. The chain also features a 2′′ extension to allow for optimal length adjustment. The attention to detail applied to this piece makes it a lovely addition to any outfit, day or night.

5. Petite Turtle Necklace in 14k Gold & Diamond

Petite Turtle Necklace in 14k Gold & Diamond

This cute turtle necklace, which is in 14k yellow gold and has genuine diamonds, is also a terrific present for people of all ages. It has a thin gold chain and a small turtle-themed pendant that sits nicely in the hollow of your throat.

The turtle shell motif has gleaming diamonds for a stunningly radiant look. The turtle is a symbol of wisdom and safety. When you put this necklace around your neck, it’s as if you’re wearing a protective charm. For those who like to acquire the whole set, we also have matching drop stud earrings in the same style.

6. Rose Gold Compass Necklace with Aqua Crystals

Rose Gold Compass Necklace with Aqua Crystals - Beachgoers gifts

This Sterling Silver pendant necklace catches the eye instantly with its unusual design, exquisite craftsmanship, and rose gold detailing. It has a slim silver chain that passes through a plain bail. The eight directions are visible by eight rose gold pointers, four long and four short.

A ring of pure and glittering gems follows. Finally, a circle of finely set clear crystals intersected by the larger four needles and an exquisitely etched outermost ring studded with four large black crystals to mark the four cardinal directions.

This lovely necklace provides a protective and guiding effect on the wearer, as the compass represents right navigation and guidance.

7. Pink Conch Necklace with Aqua Crystals

Pink Conch Necklace with Aqua Crystals

The shell pendant necklace glows and shimmers in Sterling Silver and has crystals in morganite peach and ruby red tones to draw all eyes to the wearer. The conch-shaped pendant comes with gems and a slender silver chain.

The spiral whorls and the left half of the piece are all a delicate peach color, while the right half is a vivid ruby red with peach highlights. The ancient sacred symbol of purity is the conch. The colorful gemstones evoke love and affection. This gorgeous addition to your jewelry box is a must-have.

8. Blue Wave Ring with Aqua Crystals

Blue Wave Ring with Aqua Crystals - Beachgoers gifts

This Sterling Silver Blue Wave Ring comes with high-shine deep blue, light blue, and yellow crystals. The silver ring band is plain. A silver circle with a blue wave design inside makes up the crown. For a touch of glitz, the rising wave has beautiful crystals.

This ocean wave brings back memories of surfing vacations and beach enjoyment. Put it on, and you’ll bring joyful memories wherever you go. We also have matching drop and stud earrings and pendant necklaces to go with the ring for those who want more of the same.

9. Aqua Flip Flop Pendant in Sterling Silver

Aqua Flip Flop Pendant in Sterling Silver

The Aqua Flip Flop pendant features blue crystals that evoke memories of blue seas, vast skies, and sandy beaches. This sweet pendant is the ideal keepsake for carefree beach vacations.

It hangs from a sturdy silver chain with a crystal-studded and flip-flop-shaped pendant. This lovely necklace exudes beachy sensations and a holiday spirit.

10. Sand Dollar Anklet with Aqua Crystals

Sand Dollar Anklet with Aqua Crystals - Beachgoer Gifts

The Anchor Anklet features a nautical theme. It has a sturdy Sterling Silver chain connected at the corners and an sand dollar-shaped drop dangling from the clasp ring. Additionally, it features white and glittering crystals. The Sand Dollar drop comes with dainty jewels that gleam brightly.

Wearing an anchor symbol has long been associated with faith and hope, as it is a global symbol of rebirth. The user of clear crystals radiates a sense of calm. In a nutshell, this beautiful piece of jewelry is both beautiful and significant.

Ready to surprise your favorite beachgoer/lover?

Surprise your ocean lover friends with unique beach-themed jewelry for a perfect day on the sand. Save the Ocean Jewelry Store details for finding the best ocean-inspired jewelry for those who love the beach.

Ready to start your beachgoers gifts shopping? Head to the Ocean Jewelry Store now and grab the best unique gifts for beachgoers!

Sea you in the next post!

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