Three Jewelry Trends We Love for 2020

Three Jewelry Trends We Love for 2020

We’re not ones to jump on every trend bandwagon that comes along, but we do love it when our favorite looks take center stage in the fashion shows. This winter, we’ve noticed three big trends that we are happy to embrace. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself with an update to your ocean jewelry collection or find the perfect piece for a woman you love, you can’t go wrong with these.

1.      Back to Nature for a Fresh Look

The coming year is time to show Mother Nature more respect. From making more earth-friendly choices at the supermarket to finding clothing and jewelry that shows our love for our one and only planet, we’re getting back to nature in 2020. Seashell jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate the importance of the ocean.

2.      Earrings Making a Loud & Clear Statement

Some designers think bigger is better, but we love the idea of earrings that send a message. A pair of precious sea turtles or dolphins sparkling on your ears is an eye-catching way to remember how precious all the creatures of the earth and the sea really are.

3.      Pretty in Pearls

Pearls are never out of style, but it is nice when a classic gets some respect on the runway. And no gem is more suited to sea-themed jewelry than the pearl. Whether it’s resting in a shell or a whimsical mermaid is swimming around it, a pearl is a stunning tribute to the sea.

These are our favorite looks for 2020 because they embrace our love of the wild, untamed ocean. This ocean jewelry is also fun enough for daytime wear and glamorous enough for evenings. How will you wear them next year?

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