The Wave ring meaning & rich symbolism — Ocean Jewelry
The Wave ring meaning & rich symbolism

The Wave ring meaning & rich symbolism

Sea waves form an essential part of ocean behavior. They help in monitoring and forecasting the weather. Apart from their scientific importance, they help in shaping the coastlines and carving rocks. Hence, they are the inspiration for the Ocean Jewelry Store’s Wave Ring and Pendant.

Ocean Wave Ring Meaning

In the spiritual realm, the waves represent the change in flow we face throughout life. In other words, it represents the ups and downs of life and how we overcome it.

The wave ring and wave pendants of the Ocean Jewelry Store capture the grandeur of these ocean waves beautifully. These beautiful accessories are a pleasant reminder of your beautiful days of seaside vacationing, or simply as a nudge that you can overcome any challenges staging your way.

Wave Meaning

Waves represent the movement of energy within the sea. Both the winds and gravity cause these waves. Waves are essential to form the ecosystem of the coasts. They shape the shores and carve the rocks with their force and pressure.

People associate waves with many things, including their love for surfing, fun, happy times, etc. The sea is never entirely still, and people always expect to see the waves at the horizon. The lovers of adventure and water sports wait for every opportunity to spot and ride a giant ocean wave on their surfboards.

Sea Wave - Wave Ring Meaning

Sea waves also showcase the majesty of the sea. The waves represent the mighty ocean’s restlessness. It also represents faith, hope, and joy even in the deepest of troubles. People even get tattoos of waves to symbolize vastness, depth, and continuity.

The sea waves bring life to the calm ocean. When the ocean gets too agitated, the waves become mightier and form tsunamis that can cause irreparable damage. However, when they are slow and mellow, they bring out the beauty of the sea.

Waves and the Water Symbolism

The significance of water is hidden somewhere deep within its transparency. Because of its flow and movement, it is a symbol of change and flexibility. Further, the ocean depicts the unconscious mind as its depths can’t be invaded easily.

The vast blue ocean is also a symbol of purification as it helps in cleansing oneself. According to spirituality, the water washes away a person’s past and renews their soul too.

Waves and the Water Symbolism

Femininity and womanhood are also associated with the water in the ocean. The mysteriousness and vastness of the azure seas make them quite intriguing. Above all, the ocean is associated with birth and rejuvenation, symbolizing life.

What is Wave Ring meaning?

A wave ring symbolizes the ups and downs of life. Like a surfer catching waves, it symbolizes us and how we deal and overcome challenges in life. As one of our favorite quotes says: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Similarly, are our life challenges, we can not avoid, but we can make the best out of them.

Blue Wave Ring with Aqua Crystals

Waves are also a constant movement of energy. Sometimes this energy can be calming and soothing, but other times it evokes enormous power and strength. Therefore, it also symbolizes power, vigor, and might force. It talks about the power and energy within us, our yin and yang.

Discover our high quality 925 sterling silver wave ring

The wave ring also represents the sun, sea, and happy times at the beach. The water symbolism of the ring shows waves washing away the past and purifying our souls like waves flowing through your toes and taking the sand away. It has a very soothing and charming vibe to it. The wearer feels more connected to the deep blue seas than ever.

What does a Wave Pendant Mean?

The sea is the symbol of knowledge — what we know is a drop, what we don’t know is the entire ocean. The rise of sea waves is symbolic of joy and hope in the quiet ocean. The wave pendant reminds the wearer of the depths and positivity of the ocean and also within oneself. The wave pendant is for those who are like the waves — unafraid to take on anything.

Waves have a deep and beautiful meaning. The waves indicate the power that comes from within to fight all the challenges in life. The mighty waves cause a ruckus but at the same time manage to create a shoreline. This is how our inner energy needs to be channelized — create something marvelous even in a storm.

Discover our high quality 925 sterling silver Ocean wave Pendant

The wave pendant gorgeously captures the miracle that the sea is. It represents the beauty, charm, and magnificence of the sea. Also, the Ocean Jewelry Store has pledged to save turtles, and with every purchase that you make, you save 10 of the most amazing creatures of the ocean.

To wrap it up

The ocean is a mystery that is unsolved by even the most brilliant minds to have ever existed. The wave ring and pendant from the Ocean Jewelry Store perfectly depict the ocean’s mystery, vastness, and depth.

  • Ocean Wave Necklace

    Blue Wave Pendant with Aqua Crystals

  • Aqua Round Wave Sterling Silver Pendant

    Aqua Round Wave Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Wave Earrings

    Blue Wave Stud Earrings with Aqua Crystals


Also, when used in daily life, the silver rings bring joy and hope to a person, just like the waves to the ocean. With all the ocean’s mystery on display, the wave ring and pendant take you on a jog down memory lane to a warm and sunny day at the beach.

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See you soon!

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