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The Perfect Covid Beach Wedding – A story by Johnna Barker

The Perfect Covid Beach Wedding – A story by Johnna Barker

At Ocean Jewelry, we love weddings just as much as we love the Ocean. One of our favorite wedding stories is from our beloved customer Johnna Barker.

This wedding story began eight years ago when Johnna and her now-husband Mike dated long distance. They had a long-distance relationship for eight years, and when Mike proposed to Johnna in June 2020, they knew they did not want to wait any longer to get married.

The covid-19 pandemic restrictions, which had just taken off, made planning their beach wedding ceremony difficult, so the couple decided to have a simple courthouse wedding in Denver. And believe it or not, they were able able to plan an entire wedding in less than five weeks!

A Covid Beach Wedding Story by Johanna Barker

Finding the perfect location

As many of their friends and family wanted to attend the function, they decided to look for the perfect wedding location that allowed gatherings. The couple chose Pensacola Beach, Florida, as it has a deep connection to Johnna and her family.

Winding back the years before she was born, Johnna’s father passed away. Her grandfather took on a father’s role for her. Therefore, she wanted her grandparents to be a part of her wedding. But unfortunately, as soon as they announced the wedding date and the location, the number of covid cases in Florida started to increase. As a result, the couple decided it would be best and safer for Johnna’s 80-year-old grandparents not to attend the wedding.

Luckily, as many people now do, Johna and Mike were able to live stream the wedding. Therefore, those who could not make it to Pensacola, like her beloved grandparents, attended virtually. As far away as New Zealand, they had people connected virtually to share this special day with them.

A Covid Beach Wedding Story by Johanna Barker

When everything goes against the plan

But planning their wedding day was not a bed of roses! They had to face many hiccups, like their wedding location getting canceled and the officiant becoming ill just a week before the wedding. Similarly, Mike had to get a wedding cake from the grocery store because of a mix-up.

Not only that, the maid of honor gave birth to a beautiful baby just a few days before the big day and could not make it to the wedding reception. However, despite these “little” obstacles, the couple had a very supportive family who helped plan their perfect beach wedding down to the last detail.

A very special Something Blue

But, how did we get to be part of this lovely story? Well, we were able to join in the celebration because the Bride’s mother decided to buy our dancing starfish earrings as Johnna’s something blue! Johnna, in turn, gifted her mother and baby pendant as a gift for her mother.

Starfish Stud EarringsTurtle necklace Mother and Baby

Did you know that the term “Something blue” is used to symbolize love, purity, and fidelity?

With all the ups and downs, their outdoor ceremony was perfect! The family came together to provide the couple with the support and love they needed for their special day, and all their friends gathered virtually to make this day unforgettable.

Finding the perfect Something Blue for the Ocean Lover

To wrap it up

A wedding is an occasion where we all celebrate the new journey that a bride and groom are about to begin; it symbolizes a new family and a new bond. At Ocean, we aim to bring Ocean-inspired jewelry to you. Bring the Ocean to your special day with our Ocean themed jewelry.

What about you? What is your favorite beach wedding story?

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