The Most Meaningful Push Day Present for a new mom
The Most Meaningful Push Day Present for a new mom

The Most Meaningful Push Day Present for a new mom

We know that carrying and nurturing a baby for nine months is a rewarding but challenging time for a new mom. Similarly, new dads find it rather challenging to find the perfect push day gift for their partner. 

Therefore we invited our customer Kevin Durkin to share his journey and guide you to find the perfect present for the new mom!

Push Day Journey with the Durkin Family

Kevin Durkin started by deciding to buy a meaningful piece of jewelry that represents the bond of a mother with her baby. In April 2020, he ordered the Mother and Baby Turtle necklace to surprise his wife, Lauryn, on her “Push Day.” However, as a result of the Pandemic, it was risky placing an order online.

Kevin hoped to receive the gift before his son was born. Kevin and his wife love all things nautical, and the “Mother and Baby” pendant offered a lot of symbolism to them.

Meanwhile, here in Ireland, we rushed to send Kevin his gift as we understood how important this gift was for him, and more importantly, we wanted to be a part of this special moment.

In May of 2020, baby James Michael Durkin was born, and his parents were waiting for him with their hearts full of love.

James Michael Durkin
James Michael Durkin was born on May 4th in Tampa, Florida.

The birth of a child is the most precious moment in a parent’s life, and we are so happy that Kevin chose us to be a part of their push day. And in Kevin’s words:

This has been an extremely joyful moment in our life, and your company is part of the story for us now! So far, being a new dad has been awesome.”

Would you like to know how you can surprise the new mom-to-be on her Push Day?

Keep reading for the top push presents this year!

Mother and Baby Collection for the perfect Push Day Present

Mother and Baby is an age-old concept used to represent the beautiful bond between a mother and her child. This is the only symbol represented in our everyday lives because of its deep connection to nature.

This is why we designed our collection to symbolize various ocean elements with a mother and baby symbolism so that you can add meaning to your jewelry. The mother and baby collection can be found in Turtles, Starfish, Dolphins, Penguins, and Whales.

1. For the Wise and Patient Mom:

 Turtles are considered to be wise and patient. The turtle is seen as a symbol of peace and patience. Gift this to the wise and patient mom who is always there to provide insights to their loved ones.

2. For the intuitive and guiding mom

 All moms are an intuitive and guiding light for their children. Therefore, we designed the mom and baby Starfish abalone to remind you of the eternal direction and brilliance that a mother represents. This is the perfect gift with the perfect symbolism for the mom who listens to her inner heart.

3. For the playful and humorous mom

Dolphins are a perfect symbol for living a life full of humor, happiness, and protection. This is the perfect gift for the mom who is the life of the house. 

4. For the mom who is a dreamer and family-oriented

 Penguins symbolize a dreamer because they can travel between realms and are close to their family. This could be a perfect memento for the family-oriented mom.

5. For the compassionate and Knowledgeable mom

Whales are considered to be the most intelligent, knowledgeable Ocean creatures; they are compassionate and creative. The whale pendant is a perfect gift for the creative and kind mom, a gift to show your appreciation for your loved one.

We know that carrying and nurturing a child for 9 months is a beautiful and emotional moment for a mother. The child and mother create a beautiful bond that they cherish for life. This bond inspired us to create the Mother and Baby collection with a connection to the Ocean. The designs inspired by the Ocean provide a meaningful piece of jewelry that you can gift to the new mom-to-be and add meaning to her push journey.

We hope this collection can add meaning to your story as it did to Kevin Durkins family.

Gift this today to the new mother to depict her bond with nature and the Ocean!

After all, the Ocean truly is the source of all life and abundance; Just like a Mother!

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