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The benefits of an early morning swim

The benefits of an early morning swim

We’re constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to connect with Mother Nature. It’s always a bonus if we can enjoy the outdoors while moving our bodies and getting some necessary exercise. The spring and summer months are the perfect times to make a morning swim outdoors part of your routine. This fun (and usually free!) activity has some incredible benefits for your physical and mental health.

1. Swimming gives you a total body workout: Swimming is a low-impact exercise that boasts positive results for many different areas of your body. If you’re looking to build muscle or increase your tone, swimming is an excellent exercise to consider. It is especially good for people who suffer from back pain or joint pain, because of its low-impact nature.

2. An early morning swim will activate your endorphins for the rest of the day: When we exercise, our brain produces hormones (known as endorphins) that are proven to help uplift our mood, boost our energy levels, and give us a general sense of well-being. A morning swim is a type of cardiovascular exercise that creates the intensity required for our body to release endorphins. According to, “Studies show that even a single bout of exercise results in positive changes in brain chemicals and can improve your mood. A 2017 review on the effects of exercise published in the journal Brain Plasticity, found that after exercise, people reported a better mood with decreases in tension, depression, and anger.” Sign us up!

3. An early morning swim is a time to relax and get back to nature: We love early morning swims because watching the sunrise is always a magical experience, and helps us feel more connected to the world around us. If you go to the beach, lake, or outdoor pool early enough in the morning, chances are it will be quiet. Basking in the cool morning water, listening to the waves and watching the sun wake up for the day is an invigorating and even meditative process. It reminds us of the majesty of Mother Nature and the beauty that’s all around us. It helps us start our days on a positive note and gets us prepared and relaxed for whatever the next 24 hours may bring.

4. An early morning swim allows you to enjoy the water outside without having to worry too much about potentially harmful UV rays: As much as we love the sun and understand its many benefits, it also has the power to hurt us if we don’t take necessary precautions. While we recommend wearing sunscreen every time you go outside, especially during the summer months, you’re unlikely to get seriously burned during the morning hours. The sun is especially potent during the hours of 10-2, so going for a swim before the sun is at its peak can help limit your sun exposure.

If you’re ready to try something new when it comes to your exercise routine or outdoor activities, swimming might be just what you’re looking for. If you or someone you know loves the beach and the water as much as we do, you’re sure to find a special gift within our ocean-inspired jewelry collections.

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