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Stunning sea turtle jewelry that’s perfect for spring

Stunning sea turtle jewelry that’s perfect for spring

Spring is here and we hope you’ve been able to catch some sunny weather (safely) wherever you are in the world. Being stuck at home can be difficult at times, but we hope you’ve managed to find some activities to keep your mind occupied and your spirits high. You can find some great movie recommendations for your quarantine in our last blog post.

If you’re like us, in between the crafts, the crosswords, the books, the baking, the Netflix marathons and the relaxing meditations or at-home exercises, you’ve also been window shopping online. As much as some things have seemed to grind to a halt, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions are still happening (even though the celebrations may be postponed). You may find yourself in need of a special gift for a loved one, or you may simply want to treat yourself (you deserve it, after all!).

If you’re an ocean lover or have an ocean lover in your life, we recommend our best-selling sea turtle jewelry for spring—and beyond.

Why sea turtle jewelry?

Sea turtles are vital links in the aquatic ecosystem and have made their homes within the Earth’s oceans for over 110 million years. These amazing creatures also carry strong symbolism, representing wisdom, patience and calm.

Sea turtles usually live to be around 30-50 years old, with some sea turtles being recorded as living as long as 150 years. These reptiles therefore also symbolize longevity and strength.

Because of sea turtle’s rich symbolism, sea turtle jewelry makes the ideal gift when you want to give them something they’ll cherish. Here are some styles that are especially on-trend this season, but will be loved year round.


Green Turtle Necklace Encrusted with Swarovski® Crystal

Green is the color of the spring season, bringing new life and rejuvenation. We see gorgeous greens all around us during these months, and we love accessorizing with Mother Nature’s gorgeous springtime color palette. This is why we’re especially loving our green Swarovski Crystal turtle range. Try the Green Turtle Necklace Encrusted with Swarovski® Crystal for the perfect sparkle of green that will go fabulously with any outfit. Vibrant green crystals adorn the adorable sea turtle, allowing anyone who wears it to bring the spirit of the ocean— and the ambiance of the spring—with them always. This necklace goes perfectly with our Turtle Charm Bracelet with Swarovski® Crystals.

Silver Turtle Silver Adorned with White Swarovski® Crystal

Silver Turtle Adorned with White Swarovski Crystal

Pearls have always been one of our favorite accessories, and they’ve recently come back in a big way. Our turtle necklace with pearl will ensure you’re on-trend and making a splash. The precious pearl coupled with the shimmering turtle is the perfect pairing for an ideal spring look. If you know anyone with a June birthday, pearls are also June’s birthstone.


Petite Turtle Stud Earrings in 14k Gold & Diamond

Do you know anyone graduating this year or celebrating a milestone birthday? Our new line of gold ocean jewelry makes for an ideal way to commemorate extra special occasions. Our unique gold sea turtle jewelry is something your loved ones won’t ever want to take off. The bright diamonds look beautiful against the buttery gold and will become a treasure they’ll want to keep close at all times. The petite turtle stud earrings are delicate as well as divine, giving the ears the perfect amount of sparkle.

Green Mother & Baby Turtle Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

Do you have any new moms in your life, or are you looking for a way to honor the moms closest to you? Our sea turtle mother and baby jewelry makes an incredibly thoughtful gift for moms (or for anyone who wants to wear something extremely cute). With Mother’s Day on the horizon, now is the perfect time to take a look at these unique pieces and see if one catches your eye.


Sea Turtle Ring Encrusted with White Swarovski Crystal

Summer’s getting nearer, and we’re reminded of blue skies and beach waves. The color blue seems very fitting, this time of the year especially, which is why our sea turtle ring is a great piece to wear this spring. It also looks great with any shade of nail polish, and will give your hands that extra pop.

Eager to browse some more stunning jewels? Check out the rest of our sea turtle range. We hope your spring is off to a safe (and swimming) start!

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