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Stories to brighten your day: Five times sea creatures helped humans

Stories to brighten your day: Five times sea creatures helped humans

With all that’s going on in the world, we could all use some happy stories to focus our minds on something positive for a while. Did you know that, throughout history, there have been plenty of instances where people have been aided by sea creatures? From saving lives to retrieving lost possessions, ocean animals have intervened during some hopeless-looking circumstances.

The following article covers five of these extraordinary tales.

1. When a school of bottlenose dolphins helped rescue a teenage girl: A research team was observing a school of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of LA when the dolphins abruptly stopped feeding and began moving swiftly in the opposite direction. The research team was “so accustomed to tracking these coastal metropolitan dolphins back and forth within a few hundred meters of the beach, that seeing them abruptly leave a foraging ground and change direction came as a surprise,” so they decided to follow them. Eventually, the dolphins stopped, “forming a sort of ring around a dark object in the water.” The researchers soon realized that the dark object was a teenage girl, severely hypothermic and in need of immediate help. The team pulled the young woman on board and delivered her to the rescue boat. The woman, it turns out, had attempted suicide and would have succeeded if the dolphins had not alerted the researchers and led them to her body. Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of these amazing creatures each day? With our range of gorgeous dolphin jewelry, you can keep the spirit of the dolphin close to you at all times.

2. When a beluga whale retrieved a woman’s phone: A white beluga whale living off the coast of Hammerfest, Norway became a local celebrity when it started letting residents pet, feed, and take selfies with it. The friendly whale gained international acclaim when it rescued the mobile phone of one of these residents, who had gone to the docks to see if she could meet the whale. The whole encounter was caught on video, and you can hear the delight of the onlookers as they realize what’s happening. Experts believe the whale had been trained in captivity, possibly by the Russian Navy, which could explain its extraordinary friendliness.

3. When dolphins saved a surfer from a brutal shark attack: Are dolphins our friends? If you ask surfer Todd Endris, his response would be a resounding yes! A school of dolphins intervened during a shark attack, saving Endris’s life. “The shark — a monster great white that came out of nowhere — had hit him three times, peeling the skin off his back and mauling his right leg to the bone.” Thankfully, before the shark could do any more damage, the dolphins formed a protective ring around Endris, warding off the shark so that Endris could get to shore safely. Though Endris ended up losing half of his blood and required months of physical therapy due to the shark attack, there is no doubt that he is alive today thanks to the help of the dolphins.

4. When a whale saved a scientist from a shark: Nan Hauser is a marine biologist who’s dedicated most of her life to helping protect the whales. However, she never experienced anything like she did during a 2018 research expedition to the Cook Islands, when a humpback whale approached her and wouldn’t leave her side. Nan said she was initially confused and unsure of the whale’s intentions (keep in mind this is 50,000 pound wild animal!) It wasn’t until around 10 minutes later, the whale still by her side, that she realized there was a big tiger shark nearby. Nan believes that the whale, sure of the shark’s presence, intentionally protected her. You can see her experience on tape here. If you think whales are as neat as we do, be sure and check out our whale jewelry.

5. When extra special researchers help scientists learn more about the ocean: Scientists are using sea lions and seals to help them document undersea conditions such as ocean temperatures, climate change evidence, salinity, circulation patterns and even the size of salmon populations! Because of their unique diving abilities, sea lions and seals are able to swim places that few humans have gone before. Researchers are placing temporary sensors on the creatures that will transmit the data they’re measuring to a satellite whenever their special helpers come up for air. This instance is just one example of how we are working with the sea (instead of against it) to help better understand it and protect it.

Do you have any uplifting stories featuring ocean animals? Wed love to hear them in the comments below! We hope this finds you well and that these special tales have brought a smile to your face.

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