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Sterling Silver Mermaid Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Sterling Silver Mermaid Jewelry for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now’s the time to start searching for the perfect gift. Mothers deserve to be celebrated— on May 10, and every day! The upcoming holiday provides the ideal time to honor the mothers in your life, and treat them to a gift they’ll cherish for many years to come.

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have seen our recent post on the symbolism of mermaids. The mythical mermaid has a strong history throughout the world, and is seen as a good luck symbol in many cultures, a representation of renewal, and a young and playful spirit. While mermaids symbolize many wonderful things, what makes them so fitting for mothers is their symbolism of sacred femininity and insight. These powerful messages help make our mermaid jewelry the ideal gift for moms, or for any of the powerful women in your life.

Sterling Silver Mermaid Necklace

Our Blue Mermaid Necklace with Aqua Swarovski Crystals is mesmerizing with its bright blue color and mermaid-shaped pendant. Those who wear this necklace will keep the mermaid close to their hearts, and the strong mermaid spirit with them always. Even though we’re staying inside more these days, we still crave that connection with others and these are happening more often over video calls. In the socially distanced times it’s lovely to wear fashionable clothes and jewelry at home to add some uplift and sparkle to our day.

Mermaid Pearl Necklace Embellished with White Swarovski® Crystals

For the fashionable mothers out there, our Mermaid Pearl Necklace Embellished with White Swarovski Crystals combines the pure sparkle of gleaming crystals with the classic beauty of the pearl. We’ve always loved pearl jewelry and it’s become increasingly more popular, on and off the runways, over the past couple of years. The pendant on this necklace includes a lovely mermaid sitting on top of a delicately caged pearl. It looks as if the mermaid has just come up for air, and is comfortably perched upon the pearl, observing the world around her. This striking piece comes in aqua or white.


Our Mermaid Necklace Encrusted with Aquamarine Swarovski Crystals showcases the majesty of both the mermaid and the pearl within a stunning aqua ring. The aqua circle highlights the charming scene within. Just like all of our jewelry, this mermaid necklace is crafted in solid sterling silver which means it can be worn and cherished for decades to come. As always, our jewelry comes carefully presented in a gorgeous box so that it’s ready to give as a gift. This alluring piece would be an excellent way to celebrate motherhood and offer your appreciation to the mothers in your life.

We love the compelling symbolism of the mermaid, and our sterling silver mermaid jewelry is a great way to commemorate the special mothers you know. If you’re looking for a unique gift for Mother’s Day, look no further than the exquisite pieces mentioned above. We wish you and yours a very safe, healthy and happy Mother’s Day.

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