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Spring at the beach – Trendy Jewelry Ideas

Spring at the beach – Trendy Jewelry Ideas

Spring is here. The time of the year when flowers blossom, the air is fresh and crispy, which announces that summer is just a few months away – and we love summer, right?. The season is glorious and is the perfect time to wear some floral clothing and match it with some trendy spring jewelry.

2022 arrived full of fashion trends, and jewelry is the season’s highlight: lots of colors, and creative styles like chain links and layered necklaces. We love trends, so we’ve got some new arrivals at our store. As timing is everything, they are here just in time for you to celebrate your spring vacation with beautiful ocean-themed jewelry.

Ocean’s new pieces are super in line with jewelry trends for spring 2022. The collection includes a range of bangles, bracelets, and a new ocean creature added to our range. Additionally, it showcases Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil because we all know that gold is all but fading away.

So let’s get a pick at some spring jewelry ideas for your beach vacation.

Bangles, Bangles, and more Bangles

Bangles, Bangles, and more BanglesBracelet is a big jewelry trend in 2022. Especially if you add them to your biceps. Remember the bracelets Nicole Richie used to wear? Well, they are back.

Our new ocean-inspired bangles are just a perfect match for the trend. You can either wear it on your wrist or follow the trend and place it right at your biceps.

Sterling Silver is Shining

Sterling Silver is ShiningGold jewelry is here to stay. However, Silver Jewelry is not giving in too quickly. That is because silver accessories are a big trend this season. Undulating and irregular designs are taking up the scene and giving a new look to silver metal jewelry.

Our latest pieces showcase a matching set of jellyfish earrings and a necklace. They are perfect for your spring break at the beach.

Pearls: a timeless classic

Pearls: a timeless classicLike gold-colored jewelry, pearls became a trend in 2021, and they are here to stay. Pearls are a timeless classic, and it comes as no surprise that it is a big trend in 2022.

Last year, we launched Ocean’s My Sunshine collection – a range that features Gold Vermeil and a range of mother of pearl pieces. Now joining the party, we have a brand new addition: the gold vermeil Sun Stud Earrings. These earrings are simply the cherry on the cake.

An Ocean of colors

An Ocean of colorsColorful jewelry is perhaps the dominant fashion trend this year. And if there is one thing that Ocean Jewelry is all about is vibrant, fun jewelry full of meaning. So we are adding some new colorful pieces to our range.

Our latest wave matching earrings and necklace showcases different hues of blue and lots of sparkle. The Sterling Silver Crystal Sun Bracelet brings sunshine color to the collection.

To sum it up!

To sum it up!Spring is one of the most colorful seasons of the year. Hence, the new jewelry trends could not be more in line with the hues of spring: lots of colors, curves, and styles.

Bright colors, Silver, Pearls, Bangles, and Bracelets are the top trends for 2022. Ocean’s new collection coming out on March 31st is perfect for sea lovers to display their love for the sea while being on-trend.

So, keep these pieces stored in your browser and get ready to buy some ocean-themed jewelry for your spring break at the beach.

Sea you in the next post!

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