Sunset Necklace with Aqua Swarovski® Crystals


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The Multi-Hued Sunset Horizon Necklace is a vibrant piece of jewelry for those who like their jewelry to make a statement.

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Crafted in sterling silver, it has been embellished with sparkling Swarovski® crystals in deep blue, deep orange and clear hues. Hanging from a slim chain through a plain bail, the circular pendant with multiple concentric circles portrays the sun setting over the ocean horizon. The sun in the middle is half orange, half white with deep orange and clear crystals adorning the two halves. The backdrop is also divided in two halves with the lower navy blue studded with deep blue stones depicting the ocean and the upper pale orange with clear ones showing the sky. A ring of clear crystals lines the circumference. Unusual in design and striking to look at, this necklace is sure to draw all eyes towards you.

Striking and stylish

The Multi-Hued Sunset Horizon Necklace has been crafted in sterling silver and encrusted all over with blue, orange and clear sparkling Swarovski crystals. Consisting of a simple chain and an ornate circular pendant, it shows a setting sun on ocean horizon. Colored crystals on complementary backdrop create charming contrast.


0.9 inch


1.18 inch


5.1 grams

Main Stone

Swarovski Crystals

Other Stone Shape




Chain Length

20 inch

Catch Type

Bolt Ring

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