Stud Star Fish Earrings with Aqua Swarovski® Crystals


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These elegant Sterling silver starfish stud earrings encrusted with sparkling aquamarine blue Swarovski® crystals are all loveliness. The perfectly symmetrical shape and the hint of blue shimmer together create a harmonious effect on your earlobes.

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The starfish is an eternal symbol of renewal and regeneration of self. Its five limbs symbolize the five elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether – and evoke perfect balance between all. The aquamarine Swarovski® crystals signify serenely sailing the sea of emotions. Wear these starfish earrings to enhance your look, and also to get in touch with your inner harmony and feel surrounded by serenity.

Simple and stunning

This charming pair is just the right size for everyday wear. Its quaintly symmetrical starry shape embellished with a sparklingaquamarine Swarovski crystal in each limb gives a simple yet sophisticated effect. Wear these to feel serene and confident every second of the day.


0.35 inch


0.35 inch


1 gram

Main Stone

Swarovski Aquamarine Crystals

Main Stone Size

0.03 inch



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