Pearl & Crystal Dolphin Charm Bead With Swarovski® Crystals


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This gorgeous dolphin and pearl charm bead in Sterling silver features a playful dolphin with its back and tail embellished with clear and sparkling Swarovski® crystal.

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However, what really rivets attention is the startlingly deep blue Swarovski® crystal that embellishes the dolphin’s eye. Close to its tail hangs a lustrous round pearl that adds an attractive hint of dangle to the bead. The dolphin curves beautifully to touch its snout with the tail part and symbolizes joy, playfulness and friendliness.   The clear Swarovski® crystals soothe mental restlessness, the blue crystal evokes an aura of peace. The pristine pearl brings purity and wisdom to the wearer. The dolphin and pearl charm bead is perfect for creating a custom charm bracelet or necklace, either as a gift to someone special or for yourself. You can choose a plain chain or bracelet from our collection for creating your custom piece.

Delightful and alluring

This bead for charm bracelet is an irresistibly beautiful piece with loads of creative potential. It can be combined with other beads from our range for creating a unique piece of jewelry. Go on; create a jewelry that expresses your flair to perfection.


0.39 inch


0.82 inch


1.2 grams

Main Stone


Main Stone Size

0.19 inch

Other Stones

Swarovski White Crystals

Other Stone Dimensions

0.03 inch

Other Stone Shape




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