Orca Whale Necklace With Swarovski® Crystals


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The Black & White Orca Whale Pendant Necklace is a lovely accessory for everyday and casual wear. Crafted in Sterling silver and embellished black and clear Swarovski® crystals, the pendant features a shapely and arched orca whale whose glimmering black body is enlivened by two white patches, one close to mouth and another lower down the body.

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The black part has been embellished with black Swarovski® crystals, and the white part with clear ones for stunning contrast. The overall effect is dazzling yet sophisticated. The beauty of this necklace is enhanced with its emotional significance. The orca whale is an eternal symbol of romance, long life and protection. The black and white combination represents the nature of life. This necklace also includes a thin silver chain to wear it on. You can also pair this necklace with the matching Black & White Dolphin Stud Earrings or Black & White Dolphin Drop Earrings from our range.

Gorgeous and glimmering

The Black & White Dolphin Orca Whale Necklace has been crafted in Sterling silver and embellished black and clear Swarovski crystals. The pendant is shaped like a shapely and arched orca whale, part black and part white. This sophisticated necklace is a great choice for everyday and casual wear.


0.86 inch


0.78 inch


3.1 grams

Main Stone

Swarovski Black White Crystals

Main Stone Size

0.03 inch



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