Green Swarovski Turtle Bead with Swarovski® Crystals


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This exquisite turtle charm bead is finely crafted in Sterling silver for flawless finish. Its green back is embellished with peridot colored sparkling Swarovski® crystals for a touch of brilliance.

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The turtle with its strong shell and long life symbolizes longevity, self protection and wisdom for the wearer. The peridot-hued green Swarovski® crystals soothe mental restlessness and invite prosperity. The turtle charm bead is perfect for creating a custom charm bracelet or necklace, either as a gift to someone special or for yourself. You can choose a plain chain or bracelet from our collection for creating your custom piece.

Magnificent and meaningful

The Swarovski® crystal bead is a beautiful piece that comes enriched with tremendous emotional and spiritual significance. It can be combined with other beads from our range for creating a unique piece of jewelry. Use it to express your creativity and individuality.


0.43 inch


0.47 inch


1.6 grams

Main Stone

Swarovski Peridot Crystals 

Main Stone Size

0.03 inch



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