Dolphin Bracelet With Swarovski® Crystals


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The Aqua Ring Dolphin Charm Bracelet is a cute accessory to add a touch of allure to your wrist. Crafted in sterling silver with remarkable finesse, its simple, sturdy and flexible chain sports a charming dolphin in ring bead charm.

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While the dolphin is plain silver, the ring is circled with sparkling aquamarine hued Swarovski® crystals that shimmer and glimmer with each turn of the wrist wearing the bracelet. A lobster clasp keeps the chain and the charm bead secure. This gorgeous bracelet is meaningful piece of jewelry as the dolphin is an ancient symbol of affection, guidance and child-like joy. Aquamarine crystals evoke a feel of serene oceanic energies. This bracelet can be worn across age groups and can complement any playful look. It also makes a great gift for a woman who is a girl at heart.

Playful and pretty

The Aqua Ring Dolphin Charm Bracelet has been finely made in sterling silver. It sports a sleek lobster clasped chain with a charming dolphin in a ring charm bead. The plain silver dolphin seems to be leaping through a ring encrusted with aquamarine Swarovski crystals. A playful and pretty accessory, it also makes a lovely gift.

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