New Year's Jewelry for Health & Good Fortune— Ocean Jewelry
New Year’s Jewelry: Ocean charms for Health & Good Fortune

New Year’s Jewelry: Ocean charms for Health & Good Fortune

2022 is just around the corner. Across the globe, people begin to prepare for their new year’s tradition to receive the new year. Some might have a special celebration, others might celebrate with fireworks, and others, the meaning seekers, get ready for their rituals to have a more positive year.

As a multinational team, we were curious to understand the traditions in each country. So we decided to do quick internal research to discover the different customs.

Here in Ireland, one of the traditions is to clean the house to receive the new year. To have a sweet year, people in India eat something sweet on the first morning of the year. Brazilians jump seven waves to have good luck and leave behind the negativity.

No matter the tradition, everybody shares the desire for a better year. Love, health, good luck, protection, and guidance are top of the list. So, being a bit superstitious (as we are), we put together a list of the main things we all want to attract in 2022 and some ocean symbols to help you entice them.

Turtle Jewelry as your Health and Good Fortune charm

Turtle Jewelry as your Health and Good Fortune charm

In 2020/2021, COVID-19 brought sorrow and sadness to all of us. So it comes as no surprise that people wish to have health and more time spent with their loved ones for 2022.

Apart from taking care of your health (having a balanced diet, being active, and keeping hydrated – especially if you live near the coast), acquiring turtle charm can help mentalize and attract health to your life.

  • Rose Gold Turtle Necklace

    Rose Gold Turtle Pendant with Aqua Crystals

  • May Turtle Birthstone Pendant

    May Turtle Birthstone Pendant with Crystals


Turtles represent longevity, resilience, constancy, protection, healing, peace, good luck, and fortune. Not only that, but it will also help you attract wisdom, good luck, and good fortune. Hence, wearing a turtle charm on New Year’s Eve (and all year round) can be a great way to remind yourself of the importance of looking after your health.

Penguin and Starfish jewelry to attract love

Penguin and Starfish jewelry to attract love

Symbolic of devotion, unity, sociability, and parental love, penguins are a beautiful representation of love. Not only that, but Penguins are loyal, and once they find their other halves, they stick together for the rest of their lives. They are also parental creatures, who are very family-oriented, standing and protecting their families no matter the adversity.

Therefore, if in 2022 you want to attract more genuine love, consider wearing a piece of penguin jewelry to remind you of the true meaning of love in all its forms.

  • Mother & Baby Penguin Necklace With & Swarovski® Crystals

    Mother & Baby Penguin Necklace With & Crystals

  • 14k Gold Vermeil Starfish Necklace with Cubic Zirconias Closeup

    14k Gold Vermeil Starfish Necklace with Cubic Zirconias


However, if all you need is to find the love within you, starfish jewelry is your go-to option. Like the stars, starfishes are celestial symbols that
signify the endless Divine love. Additionally, they also represent direction, enlightenment, attentiveness, and intuition.

The starfish representation reminds you to use the time to heal yourself and to fill up and replace the emptiness with something more grandiose and better. A starfish charm for your new year will represent regeneration, renewal, and self-sustainability.

The starfish spirit animal teaches you to cure yourself over time, fill up the void, and replace it with something better. It symbolizes regeneration, renewal, and self-sufficiency.

Ocean-inspired Jewelry for Guidance and protection

Ocean-inspired Jewelry for Guidance and protection

Starting a new year is always daunting. All excitement apart, there are always the unknown aspects that keep us wondering: what does this year bring? What are the positives and bad? How can we navigate the year on a more positive note?

If those are questions that you would like to be more assertive about, then a compass accessory is to charm for 2022. A compass charm gives you a sense of security, knowing it will always guide you in the right direction.

  • 14k Gold Vermeil Mother of Pearl Compass Necklace Closeup

    14kt Gold Vermeil Mother of Pearl Compass Necklace

  • Compass Pendant

    Rose Gold Compass Necklace with Aqua Crystals


You’ll always know which way you’re facing if you have a compass. Therefore, no matter what turbulent waters or situations the new year brings, you will always be in the right direction.

The shore line

All we want for the new year is good health to share more time and precious moments with the ones we love. Having the appropriate charm can remind you of the goals and wishes you set for yourself on New Year’s Eve. Shop your ocean-inspired jewelry and keep them close as a reminder of the great things you will achieve in 2022.

Sea you next post!

  • Aqua Round Wave Sterling Silver Pendant

    Aqua Round Wave Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Stingray Necklace

    Blue Manta Ray with Aqua Crystals


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