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My First Submarine Trip: A Barbadian Vacation

My First Submarine Trip: A Barbadian Vacation

The month was January, and the year was 2020. I was just let go of my job when my fiance suggested I join him on a work trip to Barbados. He would be working on video marketing production, and I would be trying to find the silver lining in my new employment status.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the idea. After all, who loses a job and goes on vacation to one of the most expensive holiday destinations just to get a fresh perspective on life? The truth is, I got offered free accommodation and plane tickets, so it was not like I would spend loads of money. That was a big incentive, I must say.

So I decided to put aside my need to save money (for the rainy days ahead) and the urge to find a new job, and I decided to go on my first Caribbean vacation. A vacation that led me to my first submarine trip and showed me the beauty and charm of the Deep Ocean for the first time.

Barbados: the vacation’s destination

Barbados the- island country

I grew up in the Northeast of Brazil, in Belo Horizonte city. This is situated very much inland, which means I didn’t have easy access to beaches. The only beaches I visited (up to my 20s) were Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo (another Brazilian state). These places are beautiful and have their charm, but they’re very busy with tourists and always made me think I didn’t like beaches that much.

That was until I visited Barbados. I could always find quiet beaches for when I just wanted to relax. There was always a nice spot on the sand to lay back and unwind. The water was always beautiful, crystal clear, and at the right temperature. I always remember my relaxing morning walks on the pier, the delightful cafes and the restaurants just by the shore.

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Barbados is a Caribbean island country with a population of about 287,000 inhabitants. The island has already been part of the Spanish, Portuguese, American, and English colonies in that order. Barbados became a British colony in 1627 and continued to be so until 1966 when the country became an independent state.

Barbados is a flourishing and peaceful country known as one of the most popular tourist destinations. Beaches of clear white sand and crystal clear waters surround the island. The constant whirlwind gives it a mild and pleasant tropical climate, perfect for water sports, and why not a first submarine trip.

My first submarine trip

So enough talk about Barbados… Shall we dive into our submarine trip? As I mentioned, my fiance was working on marketing video production, and part of the production involved documenting some exciting activities that the place has to offer, including the submarine trip.

As a gratuity from the company, I got to join them on the trip. At first, I was a bit apprehensive because apart from all the reasons you can be anxious when going on a submarine trip (ears-pop, get stuck somewhere, you name it), I can’t swim, Yeyy. But I put on a brave face and joined the crew, and it was super cool!

First, I hopped on a boat that took us out to where we would board the submarine. The submarine crew explained all the mechanics and what to expect. They were entertaining and very receptive, making fun jokes throughout, and we were also offered some local drinks.

When we got to the pick-up point, the submarine emerged out of the water. How cool is that? We hopped from the boat onto it, found a prime seat with a window view, and off to the bottom of the sea we went.

As the submarine made its way down, it was as if all my worries were left behind. A wave of peace surrounded me, and I started to feel magic all around me. I became a child again and began exclaiming Ahs and Oohs with each life that came around us.

It was a 2 hour tour, including the two boat trips, where I got to experience something really special. My first submarine trip was more than just a tourist attraction. It made me understand that there’s always somewhere quiet where we can go. There’s always a place we find ourselves again, be it the deep ocean or your deep sea of emotions. I got back to land renewed.

Good to know: You can learn all about my submarine touring in Barbados here.

The Shore Line

Knowing now where life would take me and how the world was about to shut down and many others would sadly also lose their jobs, I think taking this trip was one of the best decision I ever made.

If there’s a takeaway from this story it’s that life is too short. Don’t let the worries of the future and the need to make money stop you from living. We never know what future lays ahead. Take every opportunity or use what life throws as an opportunity. You only live once and may find yourself and a quiet and safe place within you on a submarine trip!

What about you, have you ever been on a submarine?

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