Maybe All She Really Wants This Year Is to Relax?

Maybe All She Really Wants This Year Is to Relax?

You can’t exactly wrap up relaxation and put it under the tree, but you can let her know you understand her need for restoration and balance by giving her a gift that conjures up memories of getting away from it all.

Scalloped Shell Necklace with White Swarovski Crystal

Say it with this stunning shell necklace featuring rose gold accent and Swarovski crystal. The elegance of the shell and the sparkle of the crystal make this a perfect piece for a night out or a walk along the shore as the sun rises.

Starfish Ring with Aqua Swarovski Crystal – Let her know she’s your star

Wouldn’t she like to start the new year with a little of the seaside’s power to restore and rebalance? This charming starfish ring will catch her eye as she goes about her day, the crystal reflecting light like the waves, conjuring up soothing memories of days spent walking along the beach.

Manta Ray Necklace with Abalone and Swarovski Crystal – for Soul soothing

Manta rays glide through the water with such profound tranquillity watching them sweep along is incredibly. This mantra ray necklace captures that serene spirit.  It’s easy to see why they symbolize the ability to remain calm in any situation …  just as the ocean soothes the soul.

Dolphin Earrings with Pearl and Swarovski Crystal – play and pearl

These sweet blue dolphin earrings feature a pair of dolphins affectionately chasing each other around a shimmering pearl. Clever and curious, dolphins love to play and the pearls symbolize purity and innocence. These charming dolphin earrings are sure to bring a smile on Christmas morning.

Sand Dollar Necklace with Swarovski Crystal

Sand dollar shells are exquisite, delicate and an omen of prosperity. In fact finding an unbroken one on the beach is a little like finding buried treasure. Adorned with pink or white Swarovski crystals, this delicate Christmas gift is perfect to be worn day or evening.

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