July Birthstone and its Ocean Connection — Ocean Jewelry
July Birthstone and its Ocean Connection

July Birthstone and its Ocean Connection

Rubies are the birthstone for those who are born in July. You can never go wrong with a piece of ruby jewelry, whether it’s for a birthday or an anniversary.

Ruby is a red form of corundum, a mineral that receives its color from chromium. Read further to learn everything about the July birthstone, like its meaning, history, and unique properties.

The History of the Red Wonder Stone

Because of its rarity, beauty, mystical powers, and hardness, rubies are known as Ratnaraj in ancient India, which means the “king of precious stones.”

The ancient Indians believed that anyone who presented Lord Krishna with rubies would get reincarnated as a king.

The finest rubies were formerly mined in Burma’s Mogok Valley and were famed for their dramatic blood-red tone and purple undertones.

The Burmese Rubies are also known as Pigeon’s Blood Rubies because their deep red color makes them significantly more valuable than any other type.

July Birthstone History

The red gemstone is one of the most loved jewels globally, with stories of bringing good fortune. After learning that heat treatment improves color saturation, the Mong Hsu region of Myanmar began producing rubies in the 1990s. Vietnam, Thailand, India, the Middle East, East Africa, and even the United States are ruby-producing countries.

The Ocean Connection

A blazing red stone connected to the calm blue ocean– sounds impossible. But legend has it that one of the most stunning red gemstones has its origin closely linked to the sea.

Rewind to 50 million years back when the Indian subcontinent constricted the Tethys Sea — an ancient ocean — to collide with Asia. The Tethys floors were known to have large deposits of limestone. The Tethyan limestone was composed of all essential rubies — aluminum, oxygen, chromium, and silica.

July Birthstone and the Ocean Connection

The Tethys Sea eventually got squeezed, and the limestones were cooked up into volcanic temperatures and pressure. The marble’s fissures then were filled with molten granite, and the silica got removed, leaving the alumina behind—the outcome? Red gemstones that would dazzle your eyes — Rubies.  

Powers and Meaning of the Scarlet Jewel

Rubies symbolize power, good fortune, and youthful vigor since they are linked to the life force blood. But, on the other hand, the ruby birthstone was once thought to be a good indicator of peril or misfortune in bygone centuries.

In terms of hardness, Ruby stands second to diamond. Some people believe they can help with inflammatory illnesses. Others call it a powerful tool for managing and controlling anger.

July Birthstone Meaning and Powers

Burmese warriors thought it made them unstoppable in combat. According to medieval Europeans, rubies brought good health, intelligence, wealth, love, and success. In addition to jewelry, rubies are used in clocks, lasers, and medical equipment.

Did You Know?

The July birthstone is unique in its own way. Check out these facts about the precious jewel:

1. The July birthstone colors range from deep red to light pink.
2. Apart from being popular as the July birthstone, rubies are also famous as a 40th-anniversary gift.
3. Ruby and Sapphire are the same, the only difference being the red color.
4. The most expensive ruby is the “Hope Ruby,” which costs a whopping 7 million dollars.
5. The world’s best Ruby comes from Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, and Thailand.

How to Find the Best July Birthstone Jewelry?

The birthstone for July is a lovely gem that is frequently used to create magnificent jewelry. Synthetic rubies, such as Cubic Zirconia and red crystals, are commonly used as an affordable alternative to rubies.

Despite that, they still carry the beauty and elegance of the crimson gem.

Ocean Jewelry Store, which incorporates Cubic Zirconia and Crystals into some of the most unusual and memorable jewelry, has the perfect red stone.

So if you’re looking for the ideal July birthstone present, then we have just what you need! 

July Turtle Birthstone Pendant with Crystals

An exquisite gift for a lady on any occasion, the July Turtle Birthstone Pendant is a stunning piece exhibiting fine craft and design. The pendant is embellished with crystals of ruby red color and studded in a sterling silver chain.

July Turtle Birthstone

The turtle symbolizes wisdom, strength, and longevity. For the thalassophile, the turtle-shaped pendant is enough to grab attention. In addition, every purchase helps in saving ten baby turtle lives!

Find the perfect July birthstone pendant at Ocean Jewelry Store that makes some of the most unique and iconic jewelry by integrating the meaning of birthstones and symbolism of the ocean creatures.

We keep the roots of rubies alive in our pieces by incorporating elements of the ocean in our designs.

To Wrap it All Up  

The July birthstone jewelry is ideal for making any outfit shine. The red Cubic Zirconia stone and crystal are a more sustainable option to incorporate the July birthstone into your daily wear. 

Ocean Jewelry Turtle July Birthstone

The crimson jewel’s strength, powers, and red fluorescence make it essential for various purposes other than jewelry.

Unfortunately, only a tiny number of rubies grow large enough to form fine quality jewels, demanding even higher prices than diamonds. 

Owning a magnificent blood-red July birthstone, whether or not you were born in July, is one-of-a-kind and treasured property.

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