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Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Jewelry for Mother’s Day

The mother child relationship is as deep, primal and complicated as the ocean. Laughing, learning and fighting, it can be intense. But at the end of the day, while you make each other want to scream, you look out for each other. Sure, you can complain about each other, but no one else had better dare say a critical word! Nature gives us so many iconic symbols of motherhood and the fierce bond mothers have with their children.

So stunning nautical jewelry featuring mothers and their young are a perfect way to celebrate each other this Christmas or Hanukkah. These are our top four suggestions!

Turtles – If she’s the person you can always count on to carry you when you need it, maybe this beautiful turtle pendant featuring a mother turtle with a young hatchling on her back in rose gold is the perfect gift for her this Christmas. Turtles symbolize wisdom, selfless love and longevity. They travel the world then return to lay their eggs where they themselves hatched. If your mother has encouraged you to enjoy your adventures in life but always come home to her, this necklace is a great way to celebrate that.

Dolphins – These beloved creatures have captured so many hearts, and dolphins are one of the most popular symbols from the sea with their charming antics. Are the two of you playful and protective together? This mother and baby dolphin pair are swimming side by side in life, adorned with dazzling Swarovski crystals. Dolphins have their own language, and sometimes mothers and their children do too. The pearl represents what a gem she is. If you and your mom always have fun together, why not say it by putting this delightful dolphin necklace under the tree this year?

Whales – Do you two always make a splash and have a whale of a time when you have a night out or trip to the mall? This piece features a grey-blue mother whale necklace spouting water with her silver baby swimming happily at her side. Their tail fins are flipped up cheerfully, and the mother sparkles with tiny crystals. The mother whale represents knowledge, and the water spouting from her is for creativity. It’s a great way to tell your mother how large she looms in your heart.

Penguins – With their flippers stretched out as if to hug or maybe dance, this adorable mother and baby penguin pendant will waddle away with your heart. Playful as they are, penguins traditionally stand for integrity and courage. Studded with clear and black Swarovski crystals, this necklace is perfect for any occasion and is sure to be a conversation piece. In other words, it is a great excuse for your mom to start bragging about you – as if she needed an excuse! Slide this precious piece under the Christmas tree to make your mom’s holiday.

Which duo reminds you most of you and your mom? Or you and your daughter? Dads who really want to wow the women in the family could get matching necklaces for mother and daughter!

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