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Introducing My Sunshine Collection – by Ocean Jewelry Store

Introducing My Sunshine Collection – by Ocean Jewelry Store

There’s an energy in the first and last rays of a day’s sunlight that connects our soul to something magical. There is something that no words can explain in the experience of watching a sunset beside someone we love, or having the sunlight touch our skin after an earlier morning swim…

The desire is to bring that feeling with us throughout the day and perhaps encapsulate it in our sweetest dreams. That desire motivates us to create a collection that captures the essence and energy of the sun, in pieces that connect to your soul and radiate positive energy.

My Sunshine Collection - Gold Vermeil Ocean Jewelry

That is what My Sunshine collection is all about. It encapsulates the power and energy of the sun, so you can relive precious memories and take the magic of sunshine everywhere, from dawn to dusk.

An indulgent touch

Superb craftsmanship, meticulous design, and deep symbolism are at the core of the My Sunshine collection by Ocean Jewelry Store – an extension of our most loved designs that are ever so slightly more indulgent.

From our most adored Sea Turtle Necklace to our most wanted Dancing Starfish Matching Set, these elevated pieces will make a meaningful and luxurious addition to your ocean-inspired jewelry collection.

What is Gold Vermeil

My Sunshine collection introduces Gold Vermeil to our range of fine materials. It adds an indulgent touch to our classic sterling silver pieces, without costing a fortune.

That is because, during our manufacturing process, we add a thick layer of gold to each piece. It gives the jewelry glitter and luxe while maintaining an affordable price. The thickness of the gold layer is at a minimum of 2.5 microns of 14Kt real gold, making Vermeil a very high-quality piece of jewelry.

Ocean’s Gold Vermeil jewelry will last a lifetime. All pieces have genuine .925 sterling silver as their base metal, which receives a Hallmark from the Irish Assay office. That ensures that you are receiving a high-quality and authentic product.

Shine On

Bright White Cubic Zirconias beautifully adorn some of the items in this collection. Pieces such as the Ocean Wave Earrings and the Sand Dollar necklace feature up to 90 white sparkling Cubic Zirconias. Apart from adding glitter and shimmer to each piece, Cubic Zirconias acts as an enhancer of self-confidence.

Shine On - Gold Vermeil My Sunshine Collection

Some pieces, such as the Sun necklace or the Wave earrings, feature bright and indulgent layers of Mother of Pearl. In addition, the Mother of Pearl symbolizes good fortune, good luck, and prosperity to the wearer.

The Gold Vermeil encapsulates the Sun and its powers. It represents power, energy, positivity, clarity, and confidence. When combined, these three elements offer you a collection full of positive and transformative energy, just like sunshine brings you joy and happiness when it touches your skin.

The perfect Gift

Ocean’s My Sunshine collection will add a little luxury to your gift-giving this holiday season. Each piece captures the essence and meaning you want to gift to the ocean lover on your list, that being yourself or a loved one.

Sea you in the post!

  • 14K Gold Vermeil Mother of Pearl Palm Tree Necklace Closeup

    14K Gold Vermeil Mother of Pearl Palm Tree Necklace

  • 14K Gold Vermeil Mermaid Necklace With Cubic Zirconias

    14K Gold Vermeil Mermaid Necklace With Cubic Zirconias



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