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How To Build The Perfect Charm Bracelet

How To Build The Perfect Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets have been around for centuries. According to, “Originally a charm was an object that was thought to provide luck or protection to one who wore or carried it. Good luck charms, also called amulets, were worn on jewelry on the wrist and around the neck at least as far back as ancient Egypt, in about 3000 b.c.e. Around 500 b.c.e. the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Persians wore bracelets to which they attached small objects they believed had special powers.”

Many accredit the emergence of the more modern charm bracelet to Queen Victoria (who ruled from 1876-1901), who loved jewelry and often wore charm bracelets and gave them as gifts, personalized to the recipient. These meaningful accessories are steeped in tradition and come with a long and powerful history.

Today, charm bracelets are worn not only as a fashionable and attractive jewelry piece, but as a way to memorialize the special times in your life and/or celebrate the things that you love most. When you pick and choose your charms, your bracelet becomes a unique token of your life and loves, and undoubtedly, an incredibly special piece of jewelry.

But how do you go about creating the ideal charm bracelet? The following tips will assist you in building a charm bracelet for yourself or for someone you love.

1. Your base and charms should be made of high quality metal: Since you’ll want to wear your charm bracelet for many years to come (and possibly pass it down to future generations) you’ll want to ensure that it can withstand the test of time. For this reason we recommend building a bracelet in solid sterling silver or solid gold. All of our charms are crafted in solid sterling silver and manufactured to the highest quality standards. If you’re going to go with plated gold or silver, ensure you buy from a reputable company and as always, treat your bracelet carefully when it comes to liquids.

2. Purchase charms as a tradition: You can keep adding to charm bracelets year after year. It’s a great idea to purchase a charm for yourself or for someone you love each year on your/their birthday, or Christmas, etc. It makes a wonderful tradition to start, adds special meaning to the gesture and makes the often tricky process of gifting a bit simpler.

3. Purchase charms to mark special occasions: A charm bracelet can become a physical representation of some of the most important times in your life. Graduation, milestone birthdays, births, big moves, new jobs, promotions, etc, are all examples of times when a charm is the perfect way to commemorate and celebrate. The charm you received for your happy occasion will always be looked at with fondness and hold incredible meaning.

Dolphins are commonly thought to symbolize good luck, and therefore, one of our dolphin charms would make a great gift for someone embarking on a new chapter of their life. Sea turtles are often believed to symbolize longevity and good health, which is why one of our sea turtle charms would make great birthday gifts to mark another year and bring good wishes for the next.

Ocean Jewelry Bracelet with Beads

4. Charm bracelets should reflect your passions: Each charm bracelet is unique to the individual it belongs to, which is what makes it so special. Your charms are representations of your life and your loves, and no two charm bracelets should ever be the same. If you or someone you know loves the ocean and its creatures, you’re sure to find the perfect charm amidst our wide selection of ocean-inspired pieces. At ocean jewelry, we want you to help mark your connection to the ocean and allow you to keep the ocean close to you at all times. One of our sterling silver charms would be the perfect way to do just that.

Starfish Bead in Sterling Silver with Swarovski® Crystals

5. Switch it up: Your charms can easily be switched off or on your bracelet depending on your mood or the occasion. Going somewhere fancy? You may want to opt for your more sparkly charms! Hanging out at the beach? Let your ocean- inspired charms come out to play! Want to brighten your look? Time to display your colorful charms! This is why we firmly believe that you can never have too many charms.

Looking for a great and meaningful gift for yourself or someone you know? Look no further than the traditional and dynamic charm bracelet. Take the above recommendations to help get you started. For more jewelry and fashion advice, be sure to visit our blog.

  • Green Swarovski Turtle Bead with Swarovski® Crystals

    Green Turtle Bead with Crystals

  • Pearl & Aqua Crystal Dolphin Bead Swarovski® Crystals

    Pearl & Aqua Crystal Dolphin Bead Crystals

  • Pearl & Crystal Dolphin Charm Bead With Swarovski® Crystals

    Pearl & Crystal Dolphin Charm Bead With Crystals

  • Crystal Dolphin Bead With Swarovski® Crystals

    Crystal Dolphin Bead With Crystals


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