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Holiday Gift Guide – Ocean Lover Jewelry Ideas 2022

Holiday Gift Guide – Ocean Lover Jewelry Ideas 2022

Another Christmas, the same dilemma: what to give to the ocean lover on my list?

Some people make it easier to think of gift ideas. Others sometimes make our Christmas gift hunting a bit more daunting, especially if you want to gift something more dazzling such as a piece of jewelry.

Ocean lovers and beachgoers are easier to gift if you know what to get. So this Christmas, to stop the guesswork, we’ve compiled a gift guide to help you choose the perfect jewelry for that special someone that loves all things ocean. Welcome to our gift guide 2022.

Pro tips: jewelry gift ideas for the ocean lover

Do your research

Do your research: Jewelry gift ideas for the ocean lover

Knowing your loved one’s preferences is the best place to start. What kind of jewelry do they like, and what’s their style?

The exercise is simple: Start by observing what they regularly wear. Do they wear more gold or silver jewelry? Do they like sparkle or something more dainty and delicate? With observation, you’ll get valuable insights into what they probably would love to get.

When picking the piece, try to picture the person wearing it. Visualizing this with the help of your research will be helpful at this moment.

Try to be objective. Remember, the gift is for your loved one. Sometimes we make the mistake of buying jewelry and imagining what we would like to wear instead of what the other person would wear.

Size is also an essential part of your research. That is especially true for rings, but it also applies to necklaces and bracelets. When buying a ring, investigate the size. You can ask a friend to help you find out, or find a band your loved one owns and measure it yourself.

For necklaces and bracelets, try to observe the neck circumference and get something with enough length or adjustable chains and clasps. You don’t want it to be too short or too long.

  • Sea Turtle Necklace With Aqua Swarovski® Crystals - Medium Size

    Sea Turtle Necklace With Aqua Crystals – Medium Size


Choosing the design

Ocean designs - Jewelry gift ideas for the ocean lover

Now that you’ve completed your research, it is time to choose the design and style that matches your loved one’s personality. Ocean lovers usually value everything ocean-related, but in most cases, they have something special that touches their hearts.

Many of our customers are fascinated by ocean creatures here at Ocean Jewelry. Usually, those make thoughtful gifts. For example, our Sea Turtle Jewelry collection is a top choice. Our Whale Tail, Mermaids, and Waves are also wildly popular.

Another way people choose their gift is through the meaning behind each piece. The symbolism behind creatures such as Flamingos, Seahorses, Starfish, and Pearls always captivates people. Gifters choose those because they represent their loved one’s personality or life stages.

Choose something that represents the person you are gifting. Maybe she loves a particular symbol of the ocean, or perhaps there’s something that represents the bond between you two. From our experience, meaningful jewelry speaks more than a thousand words.

  • Sterling Silver Whale Tail Necklace with Ombre Blue Crystals

    Sterling Silver Whale Tail Necklace with Ombre Blue Crystals


Choosing the metal

Choosing the metal - Jewelry gift ideas for the ocean lover

If you did your research, this phase should be easy. Choosing the appropriate metal is important because some people might prefer gold to silver, and vice-versa.

Here, the most important factor is the budget. How much can you invest? Gold Ocean jewelry tends to be perfect for those looking for something more indulgent that makes a striking impression. However, gold usually requires a more significant budget.

For those looking for something luxurious-looking but at a more affordable price, Gold Vermeil Ocean Jewelry makes the perfect gift. Gold vermeil uses a base of silver coated with a layer of 2.5 microns of genuine gold. It allows the affordability of silver with the glamorous look of gold.

Then we have the Sterling Silver Ocean jewelry, a popular choice among our customers. Sterling Silver jewelry is a perfect fit for any occasion, day or night. That’s a more affordable option that is not short in style or quality.

  • 14K Gold Vermeil Lighthouse Necklace with Cubic Zirconias Closeup

    14K Gold Vermeil Lighthouse Necklace with Cubic Zirconias


Choosing the stone

Choosing the stone

Choosing the wrong stone can put all effort to waste. That’s because not everyone likes sparkles. Other people would not go out without a shimmering bangle on their fingers or neck.

The top choices for our ocean lovers are quality crystals, Mother of Pearl, and Pearls. Crystals are always the choice of those who love a more glamorous look, while the Mother of Pearls is the right choice for those who like something more self-effacing and romantic. Pearls are usually perfect for those who prefer a more classic and elegant look. Birthstones are other popular choices.

  • March Turtle Birthstone Pendant

    March Turtle Birthstone Pendant with Crystals


Choosing the brand

choosing the brand - Jewelry gift ideas for the ocean lover

When choosing a piece of jewelry, consider a brand that resonates with the story of your loved one. What does the brand stand for? What causes do they support? Is your choice supporting a small family business or fomenting a large corporation?

The truth is whenever your loved one opens that box, they will try to find out more about the brand, and knowing that the brand cares about the same stuff they do adds an extra layer of meaning to the piece.

Here at Ocean jewelry, for example, we love the ocean and the meaning behind each piece. Our jewelry connects people to those sentiments of being by the sea. We also help save baby turtles from the endangered list. So whenever you gift something from our store, you, your loved one, and us influence a better tomorrow for people and other creatures.

  • Orca Whale Necklace With Swarovski® Crystals

    Orca Whale Necklace With Crystals


The Shore line

Choosing Christmas gifts can be challenging, but if your loved one appreciates the ocean, this guide could be your map to finding the perfect present. Ocean lovers are always great people to gift, as the deep sea features many creatures, icons, and symbology. In turn, this presents you with a myriad of options to choose from.

Make the Ocean Part of You

Bring that great ocean feeling with you wherever you are with our sentimental Ocean jewelry designs.

  • Sterling Silver Mermaid Necklace

    Blue Mermaid Necklace with Aqua Crystals

  • 14K Gold Vermeil Anchor Necklace with Cubic Zirconias Closeup

    14K Gold Vermeil Anchor Necklace with Cubic Zirconias


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