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10 health benefits of living by the sea

10 health benefits of living by the sea

We love the feeling of warm sand touching our skin. The energy, the fun, and all the memories we create around the sea. The ocean has a direct connection to our souls and makes us happy, and those are some of the health benefits of living by the sea.

The sea has a direct influence on our physical and mental health. It improves our mood, boosts our immune system, and entices us to seek a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. So if you live or plan to move by sea, these are the amazing benefits you should enjoy.

Health benefits of living by the sea

1 – Cleaner Air

Science states that sea air is cleaner. Ocean surroundings have high concentrations of negative ions (the name of a small molecule that’s gained a negative electrical charge). 

Nature, forests, and natural water bodies like the sea, have a higher concentration of ions when we compare them to more urban areas. Ions are responsible for increasing serotonin levels, regulating mood, and boosting energy levels.

Cleaner air - health benefits of living by the sea

2 – Boosts your immune system

If you have ever taken a deep breath by the sea, you must remember how wonderful that made you feel, right? Science explains that is because sea air is good for your health. 

Filled with iodine, magnesium, and salt, sea air boosts your immune system. That’s because when you breathe the sea breeze, you inhale small particles that support respiratory health and reduce allergies and skin problems. In summary, the sea air will protect you against illness and infections.

3 – Vitamin D recharge

As you probably know, vitamins are one of the pillars of a healthy diet. Among those is Vitamin D, which promotes calcium absorption and bone strength. Not to mention, it regulates mood and reduces depression. Unfortunately, we can’t absorb the necessary amount through food. 

Luckily, a few minutes of sunshine can solve that problem. Sun is abundant in tropical coastal areas, and thus, helps you get your Vitamin D-fix with just a few minutes a day.

Vitamin D recharge - health benefits of living by the sea

4 – Better mental health

Our bodies and minds benefit from “Blue Spaces” such as the sea, coastline, lakes, rivers, or any body of water. In other words, the presence of water influences our well-being and happiness, and here are three reasons why:

  1. The air is cleaner and less polluted, and you get more sunlight. The more sun, the more Vitamin D, and the more Vitamin D equals better mental health.
  2. A study showed that people living near the sea are more physically active. You feel energized for more runs, walks, water sports, and cycling activities. We know that being physically active is good for our minds.
  3. Water, interestingly, can restore our psychological functions, influencing positive moods and reducing stress.

5 – More active lifestyle

Do you persistently leave physical activity for tomorrow? If so, a study showed that living near the ocean or simply spending time at the beach can be your solution. That’s because views of natural beauty, such as coastlines, increase the desire to be outside and get your body moving.

More active lifestyle

6 – Better Sleep

The quality of sea air enables a better night of sleep. In other words, cleaner air cleans your throat and respiratory system, resulting in better-quality sleep.

Negative ions in sea air help your body absorb more oxygen and balance your serotonin levels. In turn, it allows you to relax, sleep through the night and wake up revitalized. During the day, sea air also keeps you alert and energetic.

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7 – Work satisfaction

Can you imagine having a hectic day and being able to look out of your window and look at the sea? Although not a reality for most of us, some people report that working near the sea improves their work satisfaction.

Some people reported they feel happier and more satisfied in their work if they have a sea view. But if that’s not your case, having a green space nearby also helps. However, those near the sea reported being the happiest.

8 – Better Relaxation

Observing the gentle movements of the water can keep us occupied for hours. It works as a meditation reducing stress levels, relieving anxiety, and easing pain and depression. 

9 – Great for the skin

Sea water packs essential minerals that help soothe your skin. Magnesium, zinc, potassium, iodine, iron, and sodium are all abundant in ocean waters. Taking a dip into the ocean is like having a spa time and mineral baht for your skin.

Better for relaxation - benefits of living by the sea

10 – Creativity Booster

Science argues that when we are closer to water, it drives our mind and aura to a different state. Once in that state, we leave everything behind and enter a zone of serenity and peace. That transition is deeply rooted in our brain’s creativity cortex.

The Shore Line

The benefits of living by the sea to our mental and physical health are numerous. It aids our skin health, regulates blood pressure, promotes physical activity, reduces the chances of heart disease, and much more.

However, living near the ocean is not a reality for most of us, so how can you benefit from it? Studies say that a few hours per week already yield benefits. A quick visit to the sea is more than enough to enjoy its benefits, even if you don’t live near it. 

If you live in built-up cities, nearby green areas, or a body of water, our fountain can provide you with a few coastal living benefits.

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