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Gold Vermeil FAQ's

We answer the most common questions about Vermeil in this quick Gold Vermeil FAQ’s section: What is Gold Vermeil, and what does it mean? Is there a difference between Vermeil and Gold Plated? Which is the superior option? Will the Gold Vermeil on my jewelry tarnish? Read on to find all the answers about this inexpensive luxury.


What is Gold Vermeil?

Gold Vermeil refers to high-quality sterling silver jewelry covered with a 2.5-micron layer of genuine gold. Vermeil (pronounced vehr-may) is a regulated term, meaning that any jewelry labeled as such must meet certain standards. It should contain sterling silver as its prime metal, and receive plating of 10K (or above) gold no less than 2.5 microns thick.

In summary, Gold Vermeil is sterling silver jewelry with a heavy coating of 14K solid gold. However, vermeil is of higher quality than conventional plated jewelry. In other words, the jewelry lasts longer, offering you better value for money.

What is Gold Vermeil

OCEAN JEWELRY GOLD VERMEIL: At Ocean, we apply a layer of 14k real gold to all our Gold vermeil Jewelry. Following the manufacturing process, our items are subjected to a rigorous inspection by the Irish Assay Office. It guarantees you are purchasing a genuine precious metals product.

Gold plated or Gold Vermeil, which is better?

When it comes to quality, Gold Vermeil is at least five times better than gold-plated jewelry. That is to say, Vermeil has a gold layer at least five times thicker than gold-plated jewelry. Because of the thickness and high gold content (10kt or above), vermeil is more durable. Another significant difference is that gold-plated pieces often use brass and copper as their prime material, while vermeil uses sterling silver.

Gold Vermeil vs Gold Plated Vs Gold

Will the Gold Vermeil tarnish?

Gold vermeil is considerably more wear-resistant than the usual gold-plated jewelry. That is because it uses only precious materials, followed by a careful manufacturing process. It ensures that given proper care the jewelry lasts a lifetime. However, it’s important to remember that because of its nature, it can eventually wear off. If that happens, you can visit your local jeweler and inquire about re-plating your piece.

How to care for my Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

Following some simple care instructions will make your jewelry last a lifetime. Water and other chemicals can reduce the lifespan of the gold plate. Therefore, it is necessary to remember to remove your jewelry when going to the gym, having a shower, swimming, or washing your hands.

Certain beauty products such as perfume, body lotion, and makeup can affect the shine of the gold. Therefore, we advise wearing your jewelry last when going out.

How to care for my Gold Vermeil Jewelry? Ocean-themed jewelry

What is the best way to clean my Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

Cleaning your Gold Vermeil Jewelry is easy. However, following the instructions is essential to keep the lifespan of your jewelry. Buff your piece with a dry 100% cloth. Be gentle and try not to scratch your jewel when doing so. Never use polishing or cleaning substances on your vermeil jewelry, even if they are meant to clean jewelry.

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How to care for my Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

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