Dog at the beach: golden tips + safety hacks — Ocean Jewelry
Dog at the beach: golden tips + safety hacks

Dog at the beach: golden tips + safety hacks

Whether a beach day on a hot summer afternoon or a long walk on a brisk autumn morning, taking your dog to the beach can be daunting, especially if it is your first time doing it. That’s because we worry not only about our doggie’s safety but also about other beach users and beach different regulations.

All pet owners worry about the same things: is the beach for every dog? Can my dog swim? Can the salty water upset their tummy? You’re not alone.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to train your dog, the best and most fun activities, and what are the worst beach hazards for pets. You’ll see that with a small amount of preparation, you and your buddy can make the most of your day at the beach.

  1. Train your dog beforehand.
  2. Do your research and know the rules.
  3. Be aware of hazards.
  4. Have plenty of fresh water and shade.
  5. Plan fun activities.
  6. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

1 – Train your dog beforehand

Train your dog beforehand - Dog at the beach

Before taking your buddy to the beach, ensure they are fully trained, socially and behaviorally. As you want to let them play freely, your dog should know the basic obedience behaviors and have a reliable recall.

Your doggy should also understand the “leave it” cue, as this will ensure they ignore items such as garbage, wildlife, and other beach users’ food, whenever you say so. Also, consider whether your dog is comfortable enough around other people. As beaches get busy, your paw friend should be well-socialized.

Tip: If your dog is not a people’s dog, pick a quieter beach or time to enjoy the time out with your friend. Also, if they still need to learn a few cues, an on-leash walk would be a great way to start.

2 – Do your research and know the rules

Do your research and know the rules! - Dog at the beach

Imagine this: you prepare and pack everything to spend a fun day at the beach with your canine bud, but arriving there, you find out that the beach does not allow dogs. What to do? What’s the plan B?

Don’t run into those situations. Research beforehand and check if the beach you want to go to allows dogs. Check whether they are allowed to swim or be off the leash. Also, check for timetables because the beach may only welcome dogs during certain times of the day.

Tip: Beaches usually have their rules posted publicly. So, while planning your day out, double-check if it’s a dog-friendly beach.

3 – Be aware of hazards

Be aware of hazards - Dog at the beach

A beach is a great place to have fun with your canine bud. However, it also offers some hazards, and you should keep them in mind. For example, salt water can make canines sick, so don’t let your dog drink too much of it.

Sand is another thing that can upset their tummy and block the intestines, so don’t let them eat it. Hot sand can also burn their paws, so watch out for that. Rough sea waves and sea animals like jellyfish and stingrays can also be dangerous, 

Tip: Bring some paw pads or booties with you, and stick them on their paws if the sand gets too hot.

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4 – Have plenty of fresh water and shade

Have plenty of fresh water and shade

Playing around, swimming, and running up and down on sandy beaches can be a full-on exercise for your canine bud. Remember to pack lots of fresh-cool water to keep them hydrated (keep it in an ice-packed cooler). Heatstroke can also affect your buddy, so ensure you have plenty of shade and options for them to rest.

Tip: It’s a good idea to bring a drinking bowl and beach tent with you. You also avoid midday temperatures and change your visit time to early morning or evening when the sun’s temperature is lower.

5 – Plan fun activities to entertain your dog

Plan fun activities to entertain your dog

Running freely and jumping waves might be great fun for your doggy, but you can also plan some interactive activities with your pall. For example, you can play fetch in the water or beach. Go swimming, boating, surfing, or hiding things on the sand for them to dig out.

Tip: If your dog is new to swimming, you can teach them. Take it slow and respect your bud’s time. You can also buy a dog’s life vest to ensure its safety. Also, remember to always supervise your dog while in water, even if they are great swimmers.

6 – Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Don't forget the sunscreen - Dog at the beach

You might not realize it, but sunburn is also a thing for doggies. That’s true, especially for light ski or short hair breeds. Apply sunscreen on your bud and focus on the nose and ears areas. Also, you can get them a cute sun shirt that will protect them while also getting them Instagram-ready!

Tip: You can buy sunscreen made for pets, or a pet-safe sunscreen equally does the job.

Dogs at the beach: The Shore Line

Bringing your dog for a fun day at the beach is a great way to bond and spend time with your bud. However, you should consider a few things to ensure that you and your pet have a good time. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Train your pet, especially if you want to let your dog run free.
  2. Always keep a close eye on your them, and watch out for beach hazards.
  3. Don’t let your dog drink salt water or eat sand. Keep it hydrated and provide shade for them to rest.
  4. Protect your dog’s paws from the hot sand by having appropriate booties.
  5. Keep your dog’s skin protected with pet-friendly sunscreen.
  6. Remember to check the beach regulations before leaving your house.

These steps will ensure you collect good memories of your time out.

Sea you in the next post!


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