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The Compass symbolism + Jewelry Meaning

The Compass symbolism + Jewelry Meaning

The Chinese from the Han dynasty created the first magnetic Compass in 206 BC. Since then, it has nourished our minds, giving space for imagination and imprinting meaning and significance to the symbol. And so, the Compass symbolism has sailed the seas of culture for centuries.

Compasses have helped early navigators find their way in the sea, enabling them to discover new territories. Some believe they bring good luck. This ancient symbol has been passed down through the ages. They are like sacred heirlooms, which became a source of inspiration for Compass tattoos, jewelry designs, and other objects.

So, jump on board as we set sail on this journey to reveal the origins and symbology of the Compass. Weighing anchors, let’s hoist the mainsail and start our adventure.

  • Abalone Compass Necklace in Sterling silver adorned with Swarovski crystals

    Abalone Compass Necklace with Aqua Crystals

  • Nautical Compass Necklace

    Blue Compass Pendant with Aqua Crystals


A peek at the history of the Compass

The history of the Compass

Compasses are ancient objects that probably guided early humans to their favorite hunting spots. Jokes aside, you would be interested knowing that the word “Compass” literally means “together, let’s go!” in Latin. For us, that fact alone adds a romantic nuance to the Compass.

Early compasses were made of lodestone, a naturally magnetized mineral, which pointed north, like a little magical rock. This nifty tool was sailors’ and travelers’ best friend, helping them navigate the vast oceans and unknown terrains.

Apart from being navigational devices, Compasses also serve as a lucky charm that offers protection. As history goes on, ancient Japanese and Chinese sailors believed Compasses helped them avoid scary encounters with sea monsters. This would ensure the sailors’ safe return to their families.

The Compass caught wind and became a popular trend in the western world around the 13th century. This was when Italian sailors started to use the object. The tool became popular among mapmakers who started using the Compass rose to indicate north, south, east, and west on maps. 

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Symbolic Meaning of the Compass

Symbolic Meaning of the Compass

The Compass is a symbol of guidance and direction. The four points of the Compass – north, south, east and west – represent the interconnectedness of all directions. Compasses are reminders that you are free to choose the courses of your life as you wish. They are also reminders that you should always strive for balance.

The Compass is also a symbol of adventure and exploration. Think of it as your little cheerleader on your shoulder, encouraging you to be curious and brave in all situations. It’s a reminder to break out of your comfort zone and jump into unknown directions. Let it remind you to be unafraid to light your own path and explore the world.

  • Compass Pendant

    Rose Gold Compass Necklace with Aqua Crystals

  • Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Compass Earrings With Crystals

    Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Compass Earrings With Crystals


Guidance & Orientation: No matter where you are or how lost you feel, the Compass will always provide comfort and safety. You can always count on it to point you in the right direction. Whenever you feel lost, trust it to guide you in the right direction.

Independence & Freedom: A compass gives you the confidence to create your path. They represent the freedom and ability to move assertively without being influenced by others. It invites you to trust your own instincts and to be independent.

Safety and protection: Ancient Chinese and Japanese sailors believed a Compass could protect their journey. It would take them safely to their destination. Hence, it symbolizes protection for those embarking on new life adventures.

Luck: Imagine you are lost and find a fairy to show you the right way. That’s some good luck, right? That’s the Compass. It’s like a lucky amulet showing you the right direction. 

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Compass Jewelry

Compass Jewelry

Compass jewelry has become one of the most common ways people express appreciation for the Compass symbol. So much so that today you can find an array of rings, earrings, necklaces, and Compass pendant designs available. These pieces make thoughtful gifts for sailors, adventurers, travelers, or someone embarking on a new journey in life.

Another appealing characteristic of Compass jewelry is that they often feature the north, south, east, and west cordial directions. Additionally, they often also feature the North Star. North Star meaning complements the Compass symbolism as a symbol of guidance and protection.

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The Shore Line

Compass overview

As you may have noticed, the compass has played a central role in society since its invention. This ingenious instrument has guided sailors in the Age of Discovery. Its practical function lent the Compass meaning and symbolism in spiritual and popular beliefs. And so, Compasses also became a symbol of direction, guidance, and protection.

With the rise of modern technology, ancient style compass has given space for the likes of Google Maps and other technologies. Despite this, the compass symbolism is not going anywhere anytime soon as it seems. The motif is still pretty much rooted in popular beliefs. People have found different ways to keep the compass close, such as by wearing beautiful compass jewelry or tattoos.

The compass will remind you to stay on the right path and explore the world with courage. It’s a timeless symbol with a powerful message.

Make the Ocean Part of You

Bring that great ocean feeling with you wherever you are with our sentimental Ocean jewelry designs.

  • Mother of Pearl Compass Pendant

    Mother of Pearl Compass Pendant

  • Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Rose Gold Compass Necklace with White Crystals-OC544

    Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Rose Gold Compass Necklace with White Crystals


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