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Choosing the right Ocean Necklace for each neckline + Bonus tip

Choosing the right Ocean Necklace for each neckline + Bonus tip

Fashion is a profound and personal choice and our style often reflects our personality and tastes. Moreover, It is this style that lets you stand out in the crowd. Many people style their fashion accessories in unique ways, like wearing your necklace as a layered bracelet.

So let’s see how you can wear your favorite necklaces in a way that can accentuate your favorite necklines. However, don’t forget that the most important thing is to wear a Necklace that adds depth to your costume while flaunting your neck.

Explore the world of Necklines

V-shaped Necklines

V Neck and how to style them

A V neck garment has a collar with straight lines that takes the form of a “V” as it goes lower on your neck. This is how the V Necks draw attention to your chest, and therefore it is important that your necklace does the same.

A long chain will make your outfit look mismatched. So when wearing this style of clothing, choose a shorter chain pendant with an angular or a V shape. It will make you look classy and well put.

Pro tip: go for a necklace with a big pendant to add volume to your outfit. Our stunning Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil collections have an array for you.

Strapless Neckline

Strapless Neck and how to style them

Strapless neckline outfits stay to your upper body without any straps. This garment style usually has an internal support mechanism that enables the garment to stay on without falling.

Chokers pair best with strapless necklines. That is because chokers draw attention to your neck and away from your stomach. If you don’t have a chocker, you can go for shorter pendants, as a strapless outfit can also be the perfect moment to show your style.

Pro tip: Try layering your necklaces to form a short choker and combine it with a longer necklace for a unique look. Our new “My Sunshine” collection has adjustable chains that let you do just that.

Halter Necklines

Halter Necklines and how to style them

A halter neckline clothes have fabric that runs across the neck and around. The upper back is usually barren or slightly covered. As a halter neck has a unique neck shape, fashion experts say it is best to wear long and delicate chains.

Our starfish necklace is the perfect delicate necklace for a halter top. If you’d like to go without a necklace, you can always opt for statement earrings to add style to your outfit.

Square Necklines

Square Necklines and how to style them

Square neckline clothes take the straight shape of their bottom part. It provides a wide-open space at the base of your neck. Therefore, a square neckline is often the easiest to style.

For this neckline style, it’s imperative to choose the right necklace with the right length. Any necklace would work, but it’s always safer to avoid the big chunky necklaces for this style.

Pro tip: For square necklines, go for a simple chain with a pendant laying on top of the outfit. Our whale tail necklace is the perfect piece for a square neckline. Its delicate curves and sparkling crystals will lay on your skin and look dazzling all day long. Its length will complement your square neckline, making you look stylish and fun.

Sweetheart Necklines

Sweetheart Necklines and how to style them

Sweetheart necklines are very precious and mystical. They form a low neckline that takes the shape of a heart. In addition, the heart neckline provides the perfect canvas to wear any statement necklace.

This plunging neckline will emphasize your neck, chest, and shoulders. As a result, it brings attention to your jewelry. A single pendant with soft angles and flow will help match the shape of your neckline.

Pro tip: a larger pendant like our whale necklace will help balance the open space of your neckline.


Turtle necks and how to style them

A turtleneck is a close-fitting garment that rolls onto the neck and covers it. It’s the ideal garment for winter and cold springs. In addition, this neckline is a blank canvas, and any necklace of your choice will do wonders for your outfit.

Pro tip: Wear your necklace on top of your turtleneck for the perfect style statement.

If you wear darker-colored turtle necks, go for our crystal pendants for a splash of color to your outfit. However, if you prefer jewelry that suits both dark-colored turtle necklaces as well as neutral shades then our “My sunshine” collection is a perfect choice. Additionally; you can also even wear two necklaces and layer them as one a collar necklace and the other as a longer one for a bold statement.

Scoop Necklines

Scoop Necklines and how to style them

Scoop necklines have a deep and curved collar. A Scoop neck is a rising trend in 2022, and they’re heaven because any necklace will work with this neckline. However, remember that since a scoop neckline leaves a lot of open space, it’s always good to go for soft and delicate necklaces like our Gold Wave Necklace.

Pro tip: A creative styling idea is to layer various necklaces on top of each other for the perfect style statement.

Boat Necklines

Boat Necklines and how to style them

A boat neckline outfit covers your chest until the collar bone. In turn, it makes the boat neck a stunning and delicate neckline. In addition, it draws attention to your shoulders and collar bone.

The best necklace for a boat neck would be a long necklace that rides down. Similarly, a mid-size necklace with a statement pendant could also work wonders on your outfit.

Our birthstone Turtle necklaces are perfect for a boat neckline. A chunky yet light pendant can add style to your outfit. However, if you’re apprehensive about wearing a necklace with your boat neck, a stunning pair of earrings is your best friend.

A bonus tip: keep your outfit and the time of day always in mind. For example, a fun necklace like our “Starfish Necklace Adorned with White Crystal” would suit a more relaxed setting. Similarly, a bold and stylish statement like our “Open Whale Tail Necklace in 14k Gold & Diamond” might be better suited for a night look.

The Shore Line

The Shore Line

Now that we’ve reviewed the different necklines and the ideal necklace style for each, let’s take a step back and remember the big picture.

Although there are some guidelines on how to match the perfect item to your neckline, remember that your style and personality come first. Therefore, choose the necklace that mostly makes you feel your best.

To conclude, have fun with your style and experiment with your look. Tag us on your posts with your favorite outfits because we’d love to see how you style your jewelry! If you have any extra tips, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to share them with our Ocean community!

Remember, we’ll sea you in the next post!

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    Sterling Silver Sapphire Crystal Starfish Necklace


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