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Every purchase from will Rescue Ten Baby Turtles.

Sea turtles are a group of reptiles that can be found in all oceans of the world except in the polar area. Being over 220 million years old, they were here long before us. Out of seven known species of sea turtles, six are critically endangered. The main factors that decrease the number of sea turtles are poaching, loss of nesting or feeding areas, accidental catch, ocean pollution, and weather changes (global warming and chemical pollution of the water).

Here at Ocean Jewelry Store, we’re proud to support the organization where each purchase saves ten baby turtles. They are an organization that helps save eggs, hatchlings, and egg-laying turtles to ensure this precious species is removed from the endangered list.

See Turtles Org protects endangered Sea Turtles through unique conservation and volunteer trips as well as educational programs.

Six of seven species of sea turtles around the world are endangered or threatened but there are many ways that you can help! Here are a few ways you can support the conservation of wild sea turtles around the world:

  1. Don’t buy souvenirs or other items made from critically endangered Hawks Bill shell.
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint!
  3. Choose responsibly caught seafood.
  4. Just say NO to plastics!
  5. Leave No Trace. Tidy up the beach when you visit, plastic bags are especially dangerous for sea turtles.
  6. Choose sunscreen carefully. Some have chemicals which can harm coral and other turtle habitats.


Since their launch, See have generated more than $1 million for conservation and local communities. This support is a combination of donations, small grants, fees, indirect spending, in-kind donations, and funds raised through Billion Baby Turtles. Working with community-based conservation organizations working at key turtle sites around the USA and Latin America to help promote responsible tourism.

See Turtles conservation tours help local organizations sustain their work and bring alternative sources of income to communities where turtles are threatened.


Successes include:

More than 1,200 people have visited our partners so far, ranging from long-term volunteers to travelers visiting a nesting beach for an evening. have connected more than 500 volunteers with projects who have completed more than 4,000 shifts patrolling nesting beaches, guarding hatcheries, and other important activities.

Small grants we have given to partners have funded the removal of fishing gear and training guides in Baja California Sur, helping a women’s cooperative expand an innovative recycled plastic bag program, and supporting a sea turtle educational programs in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

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