Mermaid Jewelry

Mermaid Necklace Encrusted with Aquamarine Swarovski® Crystals


The aqua mermaid pearl pendant necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that adds just the right hint of glimmer and luster to your evening ensembles.

Mermaid Necklace with Pearl & Aquamarine Swarovski® Crystals


The blue mermaid and caged pearl pendant necklace is an enchanting accessory distinguished by exquisite design and craftsmanship.

Mermaid Pearl Necklace Embellished with White Swarovski® Crystals


The mermaid and caged pearl pendant necklace is a fabulous piece of jewelry with its charming design and exquisite craftsmanship. Crafted in Sterling silver and embellished with clear Swarovski® crystals, its pendant features a flawless Swarovski® pearl inside a see-through spherical cage.

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For the woman with legendary beauty and supernatural allure, a mermaid necklace is an irresistible choice. Playful and ethereal, this mythical sea creature is famous for luring men to sea. Rarely, she does fall so hard she leaves the sea and transforms herself to live in human form. A mermaid bracelet says you see she is from greater depths and appreciate the distance she’s traveled to be who she is now. Cultures around the world have mermaid myths. So a mermaid pendant transcends land boundaries to celebrate the female spirit. She’ll feel magical every time she puts on her mermaid design.

Famed for her siren nature, mermaids have intrigued and beguiled sailors for century’s. Sometimes foe but more often they’re a mariners friend, these creatures have shaped marine traditions and routes as well as having inspired our craftspeople to create this range. Browse the collection now to chose your piece.

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