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Ocean of love - Meet the 8 Most Romantic Sea Creatures

Animal love stories abound, with tales of unusual monogamy in the animal kingdom implying life-long love. Read further to know about the most romantic ocean…
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What Do Mermaids Symbolize?

Mermaids are beloved creatures of the sea, featuring prominently in folklore around the world. With the upper body of a human and the tail of…
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Seashell Symbolism and Meanings

Seashell symbolism and meanings are deeply embedded various religions and cultures around the world. They represent strength,…
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11 Endangered Ocean Species and Marine Animals

On the third Friday of May of each year, animal and wildlife lovers participate in the Endangered…
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Why do we love Penguins? | 5 reasons why they’re awesome!

How much do you know about Penguins? Why do people love them so much?
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My First Submarine Trip: A Barbadian Vacation

A vacation that led me to my first submarine trip and showed me the beauty and charm…
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Choosing the right Ocean Necklace for each neckline + Bonus tip

Fashion is a profound and personal choice and our style often reflects our personality and tastes. Moreover,…
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Spring at the beach - Trendy Jewelry Ideas

Spring is here. The time of the year when flowers blossom, the air is fresh and crispy,…
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Sea Lion vs Seal: What is the difference?

What is the difference between Sea Lions and Seals? If this question caught your attention, you’re probably…
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Octopus Symbolism & Meaning: Totem, Spirit & Omens

This ocean creature features distinct traits and striking behaviors that hold meaning for many.
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In 2021 Ocean Jewelry Store saved 9,240 Baby Sea Turtles

We are proud to support this project, as it works to preserve Sea Turtles and contributes to…
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Some Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Ocean Lovers

For most ocean lovers, Valentine's Day is a little unusual. They adore natural materials and artifacts. When…
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A journey through the Ocean Jewelry Universe in 2021

As a brand, we owe you our customers for loving us, giving us feedback, and always inspiring…
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New Year’s Jewelry: Ocean charms for Health & Good Fortune

No matter the tradition, everybody shares the desire for a better year. Love, health, good luck, protection,…
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10 Unique Beachgoers Gifts for Her

Hardly anything equals a day at the beach — the relaxing sounds of the waves, the scent…
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