What Do Mermaids Symbolize?

Mermaids are beloved creatures of the sea, featuring prominently in folklore around the world. With the upper body of a human and the tail of…
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10 Unique Beachgoers Gifts for Her

Hardly anything equals a day at the beach — the relaxing sounds of the waves, the scent…
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The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner By the Beach

Beaches provide the perfect setting for most occasions. However, Thanksgiving is a day associated with the cold…
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Introducing My Sunshine Collection - by Ocean Jewelry Store

There's an energy in the first and last rays of a day’s sunlight that connects our soul…
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10 Best Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers: A Beach Bum Gift Chronicles

The warm sand below the feet softly taken away by the flow of the waves whilst you…
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The Creepiest Creatures of the Ocean - Halloween Special

They're frightening, wacky, mysterious, and spooky all at the same time. But none of Halloween's creepiest monster…
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National Make a Difference Day: Be Part of the Change

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are significant and world-changing goals that require collaboration between states, international organizations,…
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What Do Sea Turtles Eat? A Quick Peek Into Their Diet

Ever wondered what sea turtles eat? We have just what you need. Keep reading to explore the…
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Pink October: Raising Awareness About Breast Cancer

7.8 million women in the world have been affected by breast cancer. To spread awareness and support…
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10 Best Beaches to Visit in the World

Earth is home to thousands of beautiful beaches. Whether you want to rest on a calm stretch…
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The Wave ring meaning & rich symbolism

While sea waves are a scientific phenomenon, the alluring beauty of these majestic waves is unmatched. Let’s…
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The Perfect Covid Beach Wedding - A story by Johnna Barker

At Ocean Jewelry, we love weddings just as much as we love the Ocean. One of our…
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The Vivid Story of the August Birthstone

Peridot, the August Birthstone, has a vivid lime green color, and its name origin is unknown. However,…
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July Birthstone and its Ocean Connection

Ruby, also known as the "king of gemstones," is the birthstone for those born in July. Let's…
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The Most Meaningful Push Day Present for a new mom

We know that carrying and nurturing a baby for nine months is a rewarding but challenging time…
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