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The roar of the Atlantic Ocean resounds along our west coast. The somewhat calmer Irish Sea laps the shorelines on our east and north, the Celtic Sea is to our south. Here in Ireland, we enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful coastline, close to 2,000 miles of it! We can’t help but feel at one with these pristine shores—they’re part of us.

Our team at Ocean have been making jewelry inspired by our culture and heritage for 40 years, proudly gaining many awards. Starting out as a small family business, a second generation was drawn to the truly rewarding craft of creating original, handmade designs, bringing fresh enthusiasm with them. We continually grow in exciting new directions.

As a central influence in our culture, it became compelling to answer the call of the ocean and personify its magic in our jewelry. It felt as natural as growing up. We feel as much joy in designing these pieces as we hope they bring to you. All our ocean-inspired collections are made with the finest materials to fittingly honor the enchanting nature of the subjects we choose to embody; high quality, hallmarked sterling silver and 14K gold, brought to life with shimmering Ocean crystals.

We hope you find something special, sentimental or meaningful to you; that helps you to carry the spirit of the ocean and its creatures with you always. As ancient mystic and poet, Rumi said: “Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.”

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The use of premium crystals in our products ensures an environmentally sound source where no mining activity takes place in order to disturb nature or displace animals from their natural home. This also ensures that there is a fully transparent chain of tractability with each and every piece. This eco-friendly outlook from the company is a core belief.


Ethics and sourcing are important to us and we use responsibly farmed Abalone shell, also known as Paua shell. We use material from an inspected farm with constantly replenished source ensuring skilled jobs and a sustainable source.

A portion of each sale goes to SeeTurtles.org who conserve turtle hatchlings in the USA and South America by protecting and patrolling nesting grounds. Every sale helps save ten turtle hatchlings. Find out more here. 

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