A journey through the Ocean Jewelry in 2021 — Ocean Jewelry
A journey through the Ocean Jewelry Universe in 2021

A journey through the Ocean Jewelry Universe in 2021

The year 2021 was a whirlwind of emotions for many of us. We saw relationships develop, humanity coming together to help each other, and we saw many happy moments. Meanwhile, at Ocean, we had a hectic and fulfilling year. Our team grew, we shared many happy moments with our customers, and we’re all here ready to embrace the New Year.

As a brand, we owe you our customers for loving us, giving us feedback, and always inspiring us to do more. So, we thought we’d take you on a journey through time and visit the highlights of this year.

New ocean-inspired Jewelry Collections

New ocean-inspired Jewelry Collections

Sea Turtles Birthstone Collection: We received a lot of feedback from our customers and were asked to create unique birthday presents full of meaning and style. We put on our thinking hats and sat at the design table to gather inspiration. After weeks of brainstorming and research, our Turtle Birthstone Collection came to life. This collection incorporates your birthstone into a beautiful and delicate turtle, making it the most meaningful gift for a birthday.

Summer Jewelry Collection: The second collection we introduced in 2021 was the Summer Collection. Many of our customers love the summer, and we wanted to create a range of jewelry that spoke directly to you. This collection features fun and upbeat styles. This Ocean Jewelry range is much loved, and we’re so happy we could bring out pieces full of color and summer vibes.

My Sunshine Collection: The latest addition to our Ocean shop is our personal favorite and a much sought out range. We wanted to offer you a range of jewelry that fell between silver and gold. The “My Sunshine Collection” is a fun and unique blend between these two metals. In addition, this collection is about how the Sunshine is an integral part of the Ocean.

New Ocean Jewelry Precious Materials

New Ocean Jewelry Precious Materials

This year, we also decided to incorporate new materials and stones into our ocean-themed jewelry. One of the interesting new materials we used was the introduction of “Gold Vermeil” into our “My Sunshine Collection.”

Gold Vermeil is trending within the jewelry industry, and it incorporates high quality .925 Sterling Silver covered with a thick layer of 14K gold. This blend makes your jewelry last longer and combines the best of both worlds; Sterling Silver as well as Gold.

We also introduced sparkling Cubic Zirconias in our collection; this ensures the stones never lose shine or suffer damage. In 2021, we put our heads together to give you the best value, while ensuring you have the best style.

Ocean Jewelry road trip

Ocean Jewelry road trip

Everyone loves road trips, and so do we. This year, our Regional Head of Sales visited many trade shows throughout the United States and spoke first-hand to many of our customers.

Our trade shows participation introduced us to new markets and stores like Dana Tyler that wanted to carry our jewelry. It has been an incredible experience for us and has helped us plan new and exciting designs for you. If you’d like to see our jewelry before buying them, here is a list of stores that carry our jewelry.

Brand New Ocean Packaging

Brand New Ocean Packaging

One of the biggest highlights of our year was revamping our packaging. Our team carefully prepared a new packaging that would be the perfect pair for your jewelry. This unique packing makes it fun to gift and cherish our beautiful pieces. In addition, we incorporated new materials and colors that add glamour and a touch of the Ocean

Let’s set sail into the future

Let's set sail into the future

The coming year will be a busy year for all of us at Ocean Jewelry Store. We are already creating new designs, curating content, and gathering research to make your jewelry stand out.

We want to thank all our customers who give us inspiration and feedback. It allows us to think of new designs and create collections perfect for you and your loved ones.

The Year 2022 is a sign of hope for us, and we have many exciting new things planned for you. We hope you continue to be a part of our Ocean community.

Thank you for joining us on a journey through the Ocean!

Sea in the next post!

  • Pink Flamingo Pendant in Sterling Silver

    Pink Flamingo Pendant in Sterling Silver

  • Sailboat Necklace

    Sailboat Necklace with Aqua Crystals



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