The boundless ocean is rich in meaning.
Its language is seductive and mysterious.

The rush of the tide, the touch of bare feet on the sand and the light by the shore are soothing
to the spirit and inspiring to the heart. Our connection with the ocean runs deep. We capture its essence in
these lovingly designed pieces, dazzling with Swarovski crystals. Choose the pieces that help you
relive precious memories and cherish the ocean feeling, wherever you are.

Most loved

  • Green Turtle Earrings

    Turtle Earrings with Green Swarovski® Crystals

  • Sand Dollar Earrings Silver

    Rose Gold Sand Dollar Earrings with Aqua Swarovski® Crystals

  • Ocean Wave Earrings

    Blue Wave Drop Earrings with Aqua Swarovski® Crystals

  • Silver Whale Tail Necklace

    Whale Tail Necklace with Aqua Swarovski® Crystals

  • Sand Dollar Necklace With Swarovski® Crystals

    Sand Dollar Necklace With Swarovski® Crystals

  • Turtle Necklace Mother & Baby With Swarovski® Crystals

    Turtle Necklace Mother & Baby With Swarovski® Crystals

  • Wave Necklace with Swarovski® Crystals

    Wave Necklace with Swarovski® Crystals

  • Stud Turtle Earrings with Blue Swarovski® Crystals

    Stud Turtle Earrings with Blue Swarovski® Crystals


Necklaces and Pendants

Dancing Waves


We wanted to capture the playfulness of the ocean’s sparkle; the uplifting dance of light on the water’s surface. We chose Swarovski® crystals to create this vibrancy and bring our jewelry alive. Swarovski’s reputation is built on superior quality and ethical standards.

They take environmental responsibility seriously, avoiding disturbance to nature and disruption of habitats. Each piece containing crystals has a transparent chain of traceability.


Ocean’s pieces are designed to represent the gleaming, hopeful light by the ocean. Sterling silver and gold were natural choices of material; beautifully embodying brightness, longevity and depth. Ancient Egyptians considered silver to be a near-perfect metal, sourced for decorative items as far back as 5,000 years ago. Gold has been laden with meaning throughout history, representing communication and symbolizing the divine, worship and nobility.


All Ocean jewelry store pieces are carefully crafted using precious metals—silver and gold—which have been examined by the Dublin Assay Office to guarantee the levels of fineness required for jewelry manufacture in Ireland. Each item is hallmarked to indicate purity; 0.925 for sterling silver and 0.585 for 14K gold. The Assay Office was established in 1637, based on a rich history of gold craftsmanship. Their guarantee lasts for the lifetime of your jewelry.

Here at Ocean Jewelry Store we’re proud to support where every Ocean Jewelry purchase saves five 5 baby turtles. are are an organization working to remove turtles from the endangered species list. They help save egg laying turtles along with their turtle eggs and hatch-lings to ensure this sea creature is protected.

Out of seven known species of sea turtles, six are critically endangered. The main factors that decrease the number of sea turtles are: poaching, loss of nesting or feeding areas, accidental catch, ocean pollution, global warming and chemical pollution of the water.

Every purchase from will rescue 5 baby turtles!


8 months ago

My daughter and I saw a ring at Loggerhead Marine park in Jupiter Florida but they only had one size and when I googled the ring nothing came up. Upon contacting the manufacturer they were extremely helpful in knowing the exact ring and so helpful with getting the ring and size we were looking for. The shipping was quick and we could not be happy with the ring and the customer service of this company.

6 months ago

Love the earrings and they are packaged with care. Great service and fast shipping; I will definitely be back!

3 months ago

Worked with me every step when I was having Fedex issues. Great customer support

5 months ago

I made my purchase online because the earrings my aunt and I wanted were sold out at both stores we looked for them. I am so glad we got them!!! They are absolutely gorgeous! I got the blue sand dollar dangles and my aunt got the clear ones. We both definitely recommend these earrings!


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We offer a free shipping option to USA, Canada, Ireland and most European countries.

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30 day returns

If for any reason you decide not to keep your item, you can return it to us for a full refund or exchange it for another item.

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duties paid

To offer you a better customer experience, all shipments to Europe and the US include all taxes and duties.

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We take the quality of our pieces very seriously and we realize that shipping needs to be prompt and safe, and so we use quality agents.

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